36m sp toon wts can fly loki and proteus. can sit in a thanatos and a chimera

three kill rights. roughly 20 days left on each kill right as of 5/31/2022

skill highlights include but not limited to: Minmatar cruiser and gallente cruiser 5, galente and caldari carrier 2, drone interfacing 5. advanced industry 5.

+4 implants in perception and willpower.
2 remaps available. bonus remap used gotta wait next year for that one
in npc corp as of may 31st 6:55 pm 2022
positive wallet balance.
all jump clones in hisec one in arnon
toon also in jita
almost 7.0 gallente faction standings. minmater republic 3.89






18,5 b offer

17B offer

18B offer

20b offer

20.5B offer

21b offer

22 bil offer

Offer retracted

Offer retracted