3rd alt slot profession

ok i’ll choose my second slot alt…industry because my main it’s already well fitted for mining (gas and ice).

so the dilemma now is…what’s the best synergy for an mining/explo/industry account? I need the prof. for my 3rd slot

help me to choose pls! :slight_smile:

Since nobody but you has any idea what your game goals or preferences are, it’s hard to recommend what would fit with your current pilots.

Also you say main is mining, second industry, but then you throw ‘explo’ on your account description. What kind of explo and which pilot has it?

explo it’s my first profession, already skilled for using a fitted Astero , mining because when i’m not exploring around ive skilled to do this …

but really really don’t know what to do with my 3rd slot…maybe mission running?



The things that have synergy with your current pilots are Research, Hauling, PI and station trading.

I don’t do the industrialist thing really but it’s my understanding you normally do any research on your manufacturing character. So a 3rd account could do hauling/PI/trading.

Your current setup seems like you aren’t interested in PvP overmuch so ganker/Faction Warfare/nullslave are probably out.

If you are looking for something more active or a change of pace, possibly Wormhole anomaly hunter, Abyssal runner, or Incursion pilot.

Trader, you have to sell your wares (and also buy minerals and other things for your production). Trading is a very large part of your profit margin as a producer.

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More PI alts…

–Helpful Gadget

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You don’t need alts.


But you will want them at some point.

–Army of Gadget

Don’t see that point yet :wink:

Use it for awful forum posts.

Probably market/hauling toon.

This 100%

Just keep it stationed in your favorite Trade Hub…

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