4.0T Sell 🦜 [Collection of a full set of Sansha Empire]

I understand it’s been your games project/goal which is very impressive.

Even by breaking them up I’m not saying break the entire collection. You obviously have many items that have lots of duplicates, meaning you can sell the duplicates if you choose. Regardless it is and will be for a long time probably one of the most impressive collections in the game

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I’m sure you must have found out, the number of these items is collected according to a specific amount. All items are divided into several levels according to different types and rarities.
The quantity of each group of items has a specific meaning.This is also part of the collection.

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Probably the most impressive collection I’ve ever seen in this game.


First time in this thread? :sweat_smile:

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You know people buy rare clothes for billions in this game right? We value AT ships not because they are OP but they are ultra rare/unique.

In other videogames people pay hundreds/thousands for a HAT/Gun

Humble yourself that OP is that rich and connected to build this collection.

Anyways Bump for OP. On the sale. :sweat_smile:

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how much for the
and all POS mod bps

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he aint selling separately. Sorry bud

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“He aint selling” will do. No need for the “separately”
It´s a hell of a show off, that´s what this thread is about, a show off… great one btw
before you say anything, yeah, i wish i had this collection, gratz on that :ok_hand:

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The things are not what you think my friend.
I really want to sell them and use the money to buy Apocalypse Imperial Issue.

The reason I don’t want to sell them individually is because, they’ve taken me a few years to collect and I don’t want to take them apart. at least i don’t want to do that myself

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Still working on perfecting the collection~

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are you missing a true sansha light missile launcher in the collection ?

got one from old days role play vs gms and what not…

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Yes, I need them, would you like to sell them?

only have 1 light atm , poke me ingame and we can try to hash out a deal

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Ok i have sent the email~


Further refine the collection of this series~

321 messages so far… what’s the status of this collection?

They are still waiting for a new collector~

I assume you are not interested in selling the True Sansha Tower Blueprints alone?

Yeah. i don’t want to sell it separately
But i have some spare other BPC that i can sell~

Damn thats a shame. Would love to put an offer in for a few components of it but it seems this is just going to become a relic post and never sell. Thank you for your time and i pray you change your mind sometime before you quit the game

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