40&50m SP returning player looking for home

Returning after an 8 year hiatus. Just taking my time and seeing what’s out there for the time being. Ideally I’d like to settle with a wormhole corp although I’m flexible. Most my experience is in large scale fleet PVP through RAZOR Alliance. I’d like to avoid this and try small to medium gang PVP. I need a corp that is:

  • Well established and focused on PVP
  • Actively seeks out content
  • Welcomes old players and can help show them the ropes again
  • Friendly and mature
  • Understanding that real life comes first

I’m AUTZ. Sometimes active across all timezones due to shift work. Main is trained in capitals so once I’m up to speed I’d love to be able to use them again. Happy to chat on discord/ts, drop a line with your details and I’ll be in touch. Thanks!

hope we fit lets talk about it wile we have a beer :smiley:

Hey mate,

Great White Hunters is a c2 NS/5 wormhole pvp group. We do pvp and pve content in wormholes with a combination of groups. Feel free to shoot me a mail ingame on Lauren Sinulf and we can have a chat if you’re interested. Also, my discord is Colby#9021 if you’d like to add me and chat there.

If you feel Iike diving back into full on war - give us a try

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Hit me up in game @Diamond_Foxx <3 I may have a nice offer for you :slight_smile:

Hey Diamond Foxx,

I’m not an official rep of anything, but like you, I recently returned after a long absence. Recently joined a group that are fun to talk to, are very knowladgable, with a good set up to make money if you dabble in minning or indy at all. We are def PvP focused, although its more chaotic than structured currently, but thats more do to growing numbers and so many new people joining and if you like to use caps, well, you’ll fit right in.

Check out my KB and then hit me up if you are interested.

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Hey Diamond

No.Mercy corporation leads Triumvirate. [TRI] alliance and is actively recruiting aggressive combat pilots who enjoy challenging PVP and living an independent, minimal blues life style and holding sov on our own terms.

For over the past ten years, our corporation and experienced FCs have led at the forefront of major wars that reshaped EVE’s nullsec political landscape. Now is your chance to join and make your own mark with us!

As an end-game PVP organization our focus remains on creating strategic campaign content that challenges our members and pushes us to excel. In between objective based fights, our members enjoy flying together for small gang roaming, black ops, and camping.

Our members are active in both EU and US time zones, consisting of experienced players from all over the world with veteran corp leadership active in EVE since 2009 who understand that real life comes first. We treat our corporation as a family and don’t permit childish drama or toxicity.

Please join the “No.Mercy Pub” channel in game and speak to our recruiters today!


  • Aggressive nullsec and lowsec PVP content creation
  • A reason to log in: we set goals for ourselves and pursue them ruthlessly
  • Refine your combat and FC skills as you take on new roles and learn from each other
  • Numerous R64s to mine for income and a region of nullsec space to exploit
  • Community Teamspeak 3, Discord, and custom Web services
  • Jump Freighter service and logistical support


  • Active players committed to helping the corp and alliance succeed
  • Experienced pilots with an established PVP record on zkillboard
  • 2 or more PVP focused accounts, with capital capable alts preferred
  • English is our official language and you must own a working microphone

Chat with us in our public channel in game: No.Mercy Pub

Recruiters: Garst Tyrell, Lutar Torax , LTD Spacepig

Hi there. We are a lot of things you are looking for. Come have a chat with us.

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