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(Zanatory) #1

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(Zanatory) #2

Still Space for Rent!

(Zanatory) #3

Still Space for Rent!

(Zanatory) #4

Still Space for Rent!

(Zanatory) #5

Still Space for Rent!

(Kara Delios) #6

Hi Zanatory,

habt Ihr eventuell eine Warteliste in der ich mich für interessante Systeme eintragen kann?
Derzeit ist ja alles gute weg…
Uns würde ein vernünftiges Deadend System, mindestens -0.6 interessieren wo wir mit unseren S-Caps ratten können usw. Eventuell auch mehrere Systeme.
Wäre toll wenn wir da zusammenkommen.

Gruß, Kara

(Moose Estemaire) #7

Hi there,

Your systems sheet is empty when I load it. Are you still renting systems?



(Zanatory) #8

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Yw34a6oVCYSIYMyXxubLCFHLW2L-xoT7qH8bm_t9f_s/pubhtml?gid=378545329&single=true plz check again ^^

(Zanatory) #9

plz check again is updated now

(Zanatory) #10

Still Space for Rent!

(Zanatory) #11

Still Space for Rent!

(Xartarous) #12

Don’t think that tenal system list is right

(MetalJacke1 McKenzie) #13

50% Tax on all Indy? lol

(Zanatory) #14

Still Space for Rent!

(Doyey3731) #15

We charge a tax of 50% for all industry, research and invention jobs.

That sucks … any option of negotiating?

(Svenja Echerie) #16

Hi there, is there still space to rent?

(Prince Julian Margrave) #17

Such bad terms

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