(#422) The BIG Lottery - Win 3B ISK and MUCH more

The BIG Lottery
EVE’s Premiere Lottery - Non-Stop since May 2003

Round #422 : 2019/07/01 - 2019/07/14


  • 1,000,000,000 ISK
  • 1,000,000,000 ISK
  • 1,000,000,000 ISK
  • Skill Injector (*1)
  • Stratios and Asteros (*2)

(*1 and *2) In-channel-participation only prizes.

(*1) Sponsored by loonitunen
(*2) Sponsored by Macabre Devil

Win more ISK!!!
Put a “The BIG Lottery” link into your bio - Exact text!
Make sure it links to “http://BIGLottery.BIG-EVE.com
If you have it, you’ll get a 25% bio-link bonus on top of your winnings!

To combat bots you FIRST need to prove that you are Not a Robot

Simply send an EVEmail to the character “BIG Games” with the subject “The BIG Lottery”.
It’s free to take part!

Round #422 duration

- Monday, July 1st, 2019
- Sunday, July 14th, 2019
- Monday, July 15th, 2019 18:00 EVE - Ingame channel “BIG Games”

Note that round #423 starts immediately after round #422 has ended.
- it doesn’t wait for the draw of round #422

Winners of Round #422 : 2019/07/01 - 2019/07/14

The list of winners are

1,000,000,000 ISK - BaQ PRZCH
1,250,000,000 ISK - Opti
1,250,000,000 ISK - Cal Mikakka
Large Skill Injector (*1) - Athalyah
Stratios and Asteros (*2) - Ketyeges en Daire

(*1 and *2) In-channel-participation only prizes.

(*1) Sponsored by loonitunen
(*2) Sponsored by Macabre Devil

Special mentions:

Cal Mikakka - For making his 2nd win

A couple at today’s drawing reported that there was errors with the NotARobot page.

I can’t reproduce - Works fine for me…
Might just have been a temporary glitch…?

If not please report what browser you are using and if you have any ad-blockers (Some might block the Google ReCaptcha script?)

Smthing smells fishy

I had issues on my mobile phone, chrome mostly works fine.
Sometimes the captcha just resets after completing and I have to do it several times. Other times the pictures take forever to load or it says I have to try again even though I chose the right pictures. I have tried resetting modem before doing the captcha, but sometimes I still need to do the captcha several times till it says I can send the mail.