47m Character returning to the game. Faction Warfare

So 47m sp pilot, bit of a generalist. Looking for a good FW Corp/Alliance. Looking for something fun and not overly serious. My main skills are Gallente Ships.

Well we would be the group for you! JREX is a gallente militia FW corp under the alliance of Spaceship Bebop. Active in multiple TZs and Pew focused. Hop in our discord and lets chat: Discord

Any interest in WH space

Thanks, just joined the server. I will check it out.

I do like exploration and a lot of what WH space has to offer, but honestly I am trying to take it a bit more relaxed this time. I remember last time I tried WH space it was a bit more for the serious players.

For PvP, we’re only serious when content is there and we’re pretty casual as a corporation overall but I get it, If you ever change your mind, feel free to hit us up!

Hey man not faction warfare but check us out we do small scale stuff like faction warefare.

Hi there Librarian Errant

I know you are looking for FW but if you can consider an independent pvp group operating from Pochven/Venal then please have a look at the “10 reasons why you should join us”. below

If you want to speak some you can always join our discord

take care and good luck finding a new home


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