4m-Corp - pure pvp corporation, no bears, no miners, no tears

(Nalfe) #21

need more pew pew monkeys join our pub.

(Nalfe) #22

Need F1 pilots and pvp scrubs.

(Nalfe) #23

Bumpelibump need more pew pew pilots

(Nalfe) #24

Need more pvp pilots. join our pub

(Nalfe) #25

Scandinavian/german speaking corp with all speaking english, pew pew join up make us great again.

(Nalfe) #26

need more pew pew pilots. join our pub

(Nalfe) #27

Are you into pew pew join our pub and have a chat

(Nalfe) #28

pew pew join our pub

(Nalfe) #29

Need more northern euroes to pew pew .