135Mill SP Looking for PVP Corp

Active EU tz player looking for real pvp corp
Apostile pilot, niddy, naglfar, phoenix and all round pvp ships
Looking for active roaming, ops 0.0 corp/alliance
Not really in rush will be looking for the right corp

Hey! EUTZ pvp. See KB if you are serious contact us.


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Were small, but need pilots like yourself; we have experience on our side having come from suddenly spaceships, also roam with some tuskers guys on occasion; we live in syndicate at the moment, looking for pilots in the eutz to join us and help us smash some sandcastles…

Im not as active as i usually am because of desktop issues, but have been highly active on the alliance organisational side which im taking a step back from now in favour of developing just our corp.

some of the folks we do ‘public’ roams with to hit that l33t roaming pvp sweet spot.

Would love to talk with you. I am in the need for some EU officers. Let me know if you are interested at all. Also we can talk on Discord if you like.

Biohazard. is a notorious pvp corporation that chooses targets over security.
We live in a remote nullsec region & superactive low sec region

Our hunters go out each day to collect skulls and wreck havoc across New Eden. While others maintain our settlements, replenish our ammo and ships. Our home is lucrative to maintain several accounts, fund your pvp and supercapital toys.

■ Nullsec ■ Lowsec ■ Large/Small Scale PVP
■ Buyback program ■ Services ■ Industry

Meet us on discord: http://discord.gg/XaRrXz6 or convo me! .

Allow myself to introduce… myself

We are a uk based Corp, but part of a bigger alliance/coalition, we have space for the pve/mining side of eve, plus the numbers, the experience and the skills for good, well fc’d Pew pew

So if you want to get those skills and ships to work, come join https://discord.gg/EcDPkg and say hi


Pandemic Lizards of Triumvirate is looking for new members!
If you like to PVP in almost every form, we have a place for you.

We are a laidback group of EU players that are good on what they’re doing.

We do of course big scale fighting with alliance but a lot of corp roams and random gate camps.

Really good amount of top tier ratting space to make you space rich.

Convo me ingame for a chat.

Hi there
Your ad is fairly old, however if you still haven’t made your mind up, come join https://discord.gg/tZacyWu for a chat.
We’re a uk based Corp living in null. We are part of a great alliance and coalition so we have the space and numbers for every thing eve.

So if you are undecided or even unsure on your new Corp you may have join, come say hi

Fly safe o7


Maybe you should look at Evian Industries, We are looking for new Capsuleers of nearly all experience levels.

Newbro and BitterVet friendly, We don’t require much; but an SEAT is needed. A background check will be performed. We want people who want to work as part of a team, to forge something bigger together!

We operate in Nullsec. We are mainly an Industrial corp, doing ratting, mining, PI, building and a little PvP.

We try to have different fleets up whenever we can. Our members range from longtime players to new players.

We have a mature and friendly community with a relaxed atmosphere. All time zones are welcome and we are the sort that understand that RLl comes first. We have members in both US, EU and Aussie TZ

We can offer comms, slack, Ship Replacement Program on alliance ops, PVE and small pvp fleets, a BluePrint Copy program and a Buyback Program for Ore and Salvage

We are looking to expand our pvp effort in corp and alliance, More pilots helping with teaching and flying in fights would be great. If you want to be part of this join our public channel “Evian Ind Recruitment” so we can start to get to know each other (mentioned you have been contacted, or contact “your char name” ingame)

Link on forums:No More Tears, Join Evian Industries

Best Regards

Evian Industries

Take your time, but the cyno is lit…

Want to ACTUALLY use those toys?
On a corporation OP!

Right Click Jump To

In game join channel: Right Click Jump Pub

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