Island Monkeys - Looking for active pvpers

Island monkeys are first and foremost a small gang PvP group of experienced pilots who know how to get the job done. We are based in the EU TZ and looking to bring in pilots who like to PvP. While we appreciate experience we are also pretty chilled and people are allowed to make mistakes.

What we offer:

  • Dank pvp roams
  • Black ops
  • Good FC’s and people to help you learn (Angry german teacher also available)

What we want:

  • Activity
  • Friendship
  • Be able to fly bombers and kikimora or be able to train fast for one


  • Headset and english speaking
  • API screening
  • EUtz

Contact Admiral Silva via eve-mail if you are interested. You could be part of this :wink: Still recruiting!

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