Island Monkeys - Small Gang PvP with all the Fun (C3/NS EU TZ)

Are you sick of Blue Donuts, CTA’s and all that NS politics BS. Do you want want to see space pixels explode either yours, your friend or your enemies?

Would you laugh at seeing your Corpie roll themselves out hole once and nearly a second time in the same night in the same way?

Well we might a good fit for you.

Island monkeys are first and foremost a small gang PvP group of experienced pilots who know how to get ■■■■ done. We are based in the EU TZ and looking to bring in pilots who like to PvP. We currently reside in a C3/NS where we will roll for juicey null-sec shenanigans.

We are looking for PvP pilots who want a chill and relaxed environment with no blues and not CTA’s, who are also interested in small gang warfare

What we can offer

  • Roams & fun content (weekdays 20:00 - 22:00) (Weekends 20:00 - 24:00) Eve Time
  • Experience and competent FC’s and long time Eve Vets
  • New player friendly. Happy to give guidance.
  • Original Creator of Thrashy Bois


  • Must be omega
  • Must have scanning skills (level 3)
  • Be able to fly an interceptor + Exequror
  • Self sufficient in making isk (we don’t run dedicated PvE fleet)
  • English Speaking
  • Headset + able to join voice comms
  • Activity in the EU TZ
  • Full ESI

Please Join us on Discord
zKill -

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Daily bump

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Daily Bump. Moving to a null sec wormhole to abuse 0.0 carebears

Daily Bump.

Still looking for new people

Still looking. Moved into a c3/ns so we will get Dank NS content

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Still looking for peeps new or old

To the top.

Small Skirmish last night from our NS Static.

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Daily Bump

Go some roams planned for the weekend with escort’s into our hole. If you want to get a feel for us as a corp get intouch.

Roams going out tomorrow and Sunday, happy for people to join to get a feel for our corp

Another roam going out tonight for anyone interested in joining

Still looking for more people to join us

Roams again tonight, Join our discord if you want to join in and get to know us.

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