171M SP Looking For New Home

I am a mature player currently looking for a decent corp, either in HS, LS or Null, lived in all so nothing is new to me.

I am not looking for drama or endless CTA’s but don’t mind helping to defend should the need arise.

All my skills are sub capital apart from the Naglfar which I can fly and fit reasonably well.

This may sound strange but here are my needs and if they can be fulfilled, I may get in touch after doing my homework on said corp.

  1. Mature Corp with no drama

  2. Needs to be EU based as I myself live in the UK

  3. Can use comms but due to children constantly around can only listen (unless late at night)

  4. I am prepared to give a full ESI minus my wallet transactions (I have a lot of trade secrets and wish them to remain mine)

  5. Am self-sufficient and do not need anything.

  6. Am open to any activity but particularly would like to get into Co-Op Trig bashing.


I have run my own corps and also an alliance in the past so am fully aware of what is required, just bored of flying alone.

If you can offer me a home then please mail me with details, I will not respond to replies in the forum, such responses imply you have not fully read this post.

Thanks for reading.

Edit: Reposted from May 2019 due to RL taking priority.

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Do you like to kill supers/rorqs on a daily basis, have a very laidback gameplay with limited blue list and no politics to bother about. Then make sure to check us out, https://discord.gg/zpHRe4. We might be what you are looking for :slight_smile:

We might of interest. We are a No BS, No CTA corp who live in wormhole space with no blues.

Also worth noting API is dead long live ESI.

Running with Wolves offers a pvp mindset, competence and content as well as R64 moons, ratting space and indy structures for easy ISK. Chat with us on discord: https://discord.gg/Gk79xWU


Running with Wolves | Corporation

Running with Wolves: 11,314 ships destroyed and 1,773 ships lost.

Looking for players in all time zones with

  • pvp experience
  • able to fly most of our doctrines (Loki, Nightmare, HACs)
  • Training towards FAX or Dread alt

Apply here: https://eve-hr.com/pack

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