Bittervet looking for a family-friendly WH corp

116mil sp vet with usable alts looking for a family-friendly corp to call home. Can fly almost every sub-cap ship in game.

Family-friendly: Not using the “f” word as an adjective in every sentence. Not using racial or sexual slurs as comedy. Is kind, friendly, and drama-less. More focus on community; less focus on evictions. PvP a must

Want to try Wormholes without the commitment? Check out the Wormlife Freeports! Wormlife maintains many low class (C1-C3) freeports with structures and services designed to make life in wormholes easier and accommodate many J-space play styles.

Wormlife Freeports is not a single corp or alliance, but operates as a semi-autonomous collective. Many residents form ad-hoc player supported services like in game channels, shared bookmarks and shared mapping.

Wormlife maintains an “only fire if fired upon” policy inside the bounds of freeport systems. However PVP in the chain is allowed and many people are willing to help pilots gain combat experience or keep a watchful eye while new players engage in isk making opportunities.

Wormlife also accepts fuel contracts in freeports at Jita sell +20%! Make money hauling fuel for your favorite freeport wormholes!

Join the Wormlife Discord, ping for an entrance and dive in!

Still looking

Hello there maybe we would be a good fit for you as we are a mature crowd and all we do is pvp. Check me out in game and join our chat and we can speak further.

Regards Rag

hello, If you are still looking, I would like to talk with you for just a minute. Discord

Might wanna take a look at the monkey community - Island Monkeys - Small Gang PvP with all the Fun (C3/NS EU TZ)

It’s hard looting the field after the battle though. We’ve got some pro ninjas.

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