44m SP, looking for WH home

Hey! Been playing since 2018, so yea. Im a newbro in that fact.
Been fully envolved in scanning/exploration my entire time. Went to WH way way to early and i realised that. Went back to LS then out to NS, spreading my wings a bit and skilling up. For the purpose of being able to live and prosper in WH. I think its time for me to do that now…

Ive used pathfinder and such for my routes and know how things work around that.

What iam looking for:
A new home with active and experienced players that might take on a bit more newbro in WH.
Offers smallgang pvp. Pref using smaller ships, frigs, destroyers,cruisers mostly.
Can offer buyback on exploration/ratting loot in WH´s.
Maybe a corp that is “growing”, that might need my service and me as a player, do not want to be in a meatgrind of players that doesnt get called out for help.

What do i offer?:
well, an open mind, activity, eager to learn more. Pretty much up for anything if i feel that im getting involved and is needed for a purpose.

I would really like to be in a WH, fleet up with a small gang frigs, go out to NS and brrrap a couple. :wink:
Tho im TERRIBLE atm at pvp. Lessons has to be given to me. :slight_smile:

Contact me either here or ingame
Pref that you can also type a couple of words about yourself and the corp, the normal “bot” answer will not work on me.
Fly safe!

Hey Lama,

Even though we are more oriented towards experienced pvpers, we do make exceptions provided there’re reasons for it. Take a look at our post Island Monkeys - Small Gang PvP with all the Fun (C3/NS EU TZ) and see if it rows your boat.


Hey bud, we’re looking to build out our EUTZ a bit more in Krypted and I think you’d be a pretty solid fit.

Brawls, hunting, nanogang and evictions pretty much sums up our main content sources. Tons of kills to be had- we’d be willing to train you up as we build out your timezone.

https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98641669/ EU Based bunch of guys

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