Pair of Experienced Pilots Looking for a New Home

Hi everyone,

Myself and my husband are looking to possibly find a new corp - we’ve both been playing since early 2012-ish and have experienced most of the things eve has to offer.
I’ve got 3 accounts - my main has about 150m SP, and my husband has 5 accounts with a main of 180m SP. We’re based in the EUTZ, and are usually free to log on between 1700-0000 EVE roughly, with variations to account for real life.
We’re both able to be fairly active in game, and have spent the last 6+ years in corp and alliance leadership positions;
and we’re fed up of the pressure of this thankless job, and all the “herding cats” involved to try and foster any sense of community.

What we’re looking for:

  • A well established community with regular activity, with members who hang out on voice comms - where people communicate and have fun together.
  • A laid back atmosphere of mature players who still have a sense of humour
  • We don’t mind if it’s WH, Null, low, high or otherwise
  • We prefer PvP, but we’re open to anything - we’re more interested in joining a community.

What we’re not looking for:

  • We do not wish to join somewhere with excessive amounts of “REE-ing” going on
  • Not Krypted Gaming. (@Krypted recruiters: Don’t bother putting your corp ad here. We won’t look at it.)
  • Not FoxHolers either

We look forward to seeing what is out there.
Fly Safe!

note: if you send us an in-game mail, please also put a comment in this thread.

After something big or…?

We’re not specifically after large or small entities - we’re after an active community.

Hi Vondur,

First I think you should out JREX INC. We are a corp of laid back PvPers of members of intergalactic space hobos. We are a mix of both EU and UTSZ pilots. We pride ourselves of no CTA’s, none of that Eve life over real life stuff. We fly sub caps to capitals and we are fairly active. Our fleet times range from 1700-0530.

JREX as a corp is growing. We are coming back and want dedicated and active members to have a good community. We also play games outside of Eve like League of Legends (not proud of that one) to CS:GO (Yep). We want people to be thick skinned, because we laugh at each other and want to have a come time. We are based in low-sec and enjoy all forms of PvP. I hope you and your S/O want to join us, as I think you two would be great fits.

I have attached our blurb and recruitment thread below. Good luck finding a corp.


We aren’t so much a community but a close groups of guys that have been flying with each other for about 3-4 years now. We reside in a c3/ns and really only care about pewing

Hey there
I am a recruiter for Patriotic Tendencies. A corporation in Goonswarm Federation.
GSF offers everything you are looking for.
Our VoIP regularly has a few hundred, to even a few thousand on at any specific time, plenty of which would be more than willing to strike up a conversation.
GSF offers a wide variety of PVP options as well. Ranging from small gang piracy to super massive fleet fights with enough tidi to make anybody go crazy.

Only issue with us would be the timezone. We are more active during US/AU Timezones, but we are building our EU side. If interested feel free to shoot me a mail ingame at Prometheus Aeon, or join our channel PEND.Recruitmemnt to see if a recruiter is available

Patriotic Tendencies

was curious why no Krypted. I’m not related to their org but I used to fly with them a year or two ago

I’m super interested to see what they’re salty over

Contact El Geo ingame, we have a small community; El Geo is an artist and my rl brother… so sometimes a little drama lmfao; some of the folks might play other games, been meaning to do that myself but a bit of an eve addict xD

I’ll send you a mail :slight_smile:

Hey, I think we have a great community for you in Total Eclipse. We’re rapidly growing (broke 100 members last month), regularly have people chilling in Discord and on comms (TS3), and very PvP-focused with deployments and a range of alliance activities.

I’m sure you’d both fit in well in Katothen. Come talk to us on Discord and let’s see if we’re a fit for each other. :slight_smile:

Well our timezones match! We arent interested in having a massive corp and have a pretty casual community we are trying to build upon, I’m a fan of Dunbars number and prefer to keep it small but tight with some witty banter thrown in - we might not be a perfect match but I think we’re worth a go!
We are Warcrows, the best corp you’ve never heard about!
C2 wh with static c3 and highsec, great for casuals even better for friends

Our ad states that our most active times are AU & US but we have been steadily growing our eutz, stop by and have a chat. We might be the right fit for you.

Mode joke on:
are you GigX’wife, and is your husband GigX?

:wink: :wink: :wink:

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