New pilot looking for corp [EUTZ]

(Skillet Ormand) #1

Hello., my name is Skillet.

I’m a fairly new player to EVE Online located in Europe that’s looking for an active corp.
What I’m looking for is mainly a corp with chill and mature members who don’t mind a bit of fun, whether it be PvP or PvE. My motivation for searching for a corp is mainly to experience all sides of EvE, and to hopefully gain some experience in PvP. To describe myself as a player I’d like to think I don’t tend to take things all too serious, but can be if the situation requires it. I’m also a fast learner, so even though I have no prior experience in PvP I’m ready and willing to learn.

Hope to see you soon!


(Menegrith Venari) #2

You might be interested in joining us.

We’re in NPC null and have PVP and PVE / Industrial activities. We are highly active in all timezones (I’m personally in EUTZ) and have dedicated support for new pilots including skill plans, new pilot help channel, and just a generally supportive environment

We are Real Life friendly and have relatively few rules, although we do ask members to adhere to some basic ones for the benefit of their colleagues.

If you’re interested, there’s more information here:

(shimrock) #3

Hey Skillet. Welcome to eve. Not sure just how new you are but here at Brittas Empire, we are looking for all types of pilots. Drop into our discord for a chat if you are interested and we can see if we are a fit.

Shimrock o7