Island Monkeys - Looking for PvP & PvE Pilots

Island monkeys are first and foremost a small gang PvP group of experienced pilots who know how to get ■■■■ done. We are based in the EU TZ and looking to bring in pilots who either like to PvP or PvE. We currently reside on the outskirts of Detroid

What we can offer

  • Dedicated Ratting & Mining Space
  • Citadel Asset Protection (Astrahus / Fortizar / Keepstar)
  • PvP Ships Hand outs / on contract
  • Experience and competent FC’s and long time Eve Vets
  • New players friendly. Happy to give guidance.
  • Original Creator of Thrashy Bois

What we want

  • PvP pilots looking for a relaxed and chilled environment with no crap - You should be able to fly Thrasher / Bombers / Kikimora. We are flexible if you can’t fly these we will get you in something else you can use and give advice on what needs to be done.
  • Miners / Ratters (Moon Mining) - Taxes are put back into the corp to pay for system upgrades + ships on contract
  • Activity


  • English Speaking
  • Headset + able to join voice comms
  • Activity in the EU TZ
  • Full API

Please Email / Convo “D3m0n Sam” Ingame

First small fight as a corp -

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Come Join us now :slight_smile:

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Daily Bump - Come join us.

If you want to learn small gang pvp in null join our public channel “Island Monkeys”

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come join the troop

looking for mooore


Good evening Recruitment Center,

The Island Monkeys are a mature group with a positive attitude towards combat operations and industrial operations.



Hey just getting back into it after a long time out. In need of guidance again because i have no clue what im doing lol. Been gone too long.


daily bump

The recruitment is on hold.

well that was just rude, still open

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