Island Monkeys are looking for pvpers!

Island Monkeys [ISMON] are looking for active pvpers to join them. We’re staged out of lowsec and enjoying the game after being freed from the stagnation of nullsec. We’re a small group but all of us are experienced players and we don’t mind newer players joining as long as you are active.

Our goals are simple and that’s to have fun and not restrict our self to certain content.

What we offer:

  • Support for people who like to improve in eve and good fc’s
  • Small gang content
  • Black ops
  • Angry German


  • Being an active corp member
  • Have Discord
  • Willingness to improve
  • ESI Screening required post joining
  • EU timezone

Contact Admiral Silva in game or join ISMON channel and have a talk.


Still recruiting! :smile:

Still recruiting!

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