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Hello, I am looking for a casual Corp where I can help when needed and get help if needed. I played for a while back in ~2006 but I took a forever break and remade a new character now to relearn the game.

I am looking to make some friends and isk along the way and have fun. I don’t believe I’m ready for low-sec as of yet, trying to figure out what my place is here in space. But I am down for learning, trying, and helping.


Hello Najica_Hyragi,

Evil Young Flesh [ELUSH] is a high sec corp designed to enable new bros to find their own way in EVE.

We have no Tax - ever
We don’t have any structures - No War Dec’s ever
We don’t have compulsory fleets - ever
We don’t tell you how to play - ever

We do offer advice
We do offer free ships for new pilots
We help with training programs

Linear Corp progression to Null Sec PVP IF you want it.

Come and have a look at us, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

If you have any questions please join ELUSH Pub in game channel.

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Hey we might be a good fit for you?

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