5.5 M sp Trade/Orca/PI

(Urahara Shop) #1

5.5m SP

Good trade skills
Good PI skills
Can fly Orca
Cybernetics and Biology 5



(Amarr Red Alpha) #2

I’ll offer 5.5B

(Urahara Shop) #3

Thanks for the offer, just want to give it some time

(Urahara Shop) #4

If you can come up to 6b it’s yours

(Amarr Red Alpha) #5

6B b/o

Can send the money in about 8 hours as I have to get off to work

(Urahara Shop) #6

Accepted. Send isk and info. I won’t be able to transfer till i am done with work about 10 hours from now

(Amarr Red Alpha) #7

Isk and account info sent

(Urahara Shop) #8

Transfer started

(system) #9

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