53m sp FC with office experience seeks director position

(Jodka) #1

Name: Jodka
Contact info: EvE mail (Jodka)
SP: 53m (armor,logi,BLOPS,frigates)
Age: 27
languages: English
Timezone: GMT-8
Professional Summary
I’m a wild man, give me a goal and it will be done. If you don’t have the resources for what you want, I will make them then train people to carry out the task.
My education is in Cognitive Science, along with a background in office work, management, and mathematics. All skills that bolster a myopic work ethic to get the job done.

Additional Highlights
.1% IQ

(Kate Siwalina) #2

Hm I might invite you to our corp/alliance. We have lots of posibilitites to do if you are interested.

(Lugburz) #3

mail me, please.

(ocsta) #4

Are you serious ?

(Kaelen Mosar) #5

(Coyote Benihime) #6

(Quinlin Harpy) #7

You got any fc’ing experience? We have room for a USTZ based director here.

(Diehard Si) #8

If you want to show you can be part of the top echelon of EVE, maybe give us a look.

(system) #9

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