57m Casual miner/pve'r looking for home. +alts


Im looking for a forever home for the rest of my time in eve. Im a dad of 3 young kids so my game time is random and not consistent. I do alot of semi afk ratting/mining to support myself. I wont be able to be on comms at all times (I can listen at the least but mic will only be when kids are asleep or behaving(hah) ). I have two accounts that I usually keep omega and a 3rd one i just started to add in another barge to mining. My main is 57m with good pve and pvp skills (sub cap), 21m orca/pve alt and an alt with skills to fly blockade runners. Id like to get into more small gang and medium size pvp fleets. I do not enjoy blob warfare. I have spent most of my eve career in null sec and I would like to stay out there. No j-space corps. I dont have the time to scan chains and blah blah blah.

IGN shagwell tanner

Yo m8, well we are not null but we offer somthing pretty different than most and with a purpose, appart we have a production chain that might be right up your alley?

What about becoming an officer of the law and fight crime with us, No obligations, all grown ups here most with kids, well organized but casual, ofc NO OBLIGATIONS or ctas or bla,bla… have a look, hope to ttys m8 ;o)

I would like to invite you to take a look at Sphinx Rising. We are a small null sec based corp of mostly mining/indy/pve focused pilots. Most of the available PVP content is small/mid sized fleets, so not that tidi blob warfare. We are in need of miners for moons and for the eventual hopeful rework of null sec ores with Industry 2.0. Our corp and the alliance are pretty much old farts with kids and 100% support real life comes first.

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Your Discord link doesn’t seem to be working anymore.

We would love to hear from you :slight_smile:

second this, they would be a great choice for you

Well, this is ashame … I was gonna reply yesterday but apparently my kids thought I had better things to do then trying to convince a new space friend to join our corporation :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: haha.

If you have found a new place then I wish you the best of luck and hope you enjoy! But if you haven’t, I’ll give you the idea about UMAH :slight_smile:
Here you can find our forum recruitment thread (I guess you can read this if you find below somewhat interesting)

So UMAH is based out in NPC nullsec (no SOV intentions), Syndicate/Outer Ring area. We are part of the alliance VEGA whom been out there for quite some time. Even tho it’s possible to live in the NPC stations I think I only know one who actually does out here, we have our own infrastructure. You can choose mining as your style (we got a new moon every day popping), scanning/explo might be your thing, production? Or ofc the neuts and what not coming by, always nice to see if we can get a fight … kill or be killed :stuck_out_tongue:

Corp events we try to do 2-3 times per week, some mining, some pvp and a mixed. We are growing pretty well but aren’t there yet where we wanna be. Also we would like to cover all timezones so it needs some more members usually then a corporation only focusing on one tz.

I go with 2 main guidelines:

  • No toxic behaviour. We really don’t need or want bullies, douchebags and such within the corp… we wanna keep it drama-free and friendly.
  • RL is major important! Most of us have kids, full time work and what not so … I do not demand your activity but I see it that we try work together, jump in, say hello and try be part of the community.

If any of the above sounds OK and you are interesting having a chat, join DISCORD or ingame channel Umah_Pub. (Personally I’ll be away on beer/fishing for a few days so, best would be Discord and we can take a chat :slight_smile: )

Either way - I hope you find a place where you enjoy your gametime!

Have you decided yet? If not give Totally Not Pirates Co a look. Currently we are a smaller Corp looking to grow rapidly. We run PVE/mining for money and will also have a industry department running to maximize profits as well as a trading division. We are small but we give you a large amount to grow and are extremely flexible with when you don’t or do want to play

Hi there.
I’m a father of five kids. I feel your pain :smiley:
Oddly, I had more time when my kids were young. :thinking: Now that they’re older, they want to talk and ask advice/help from me all the time. :joy: So the scheduling issue is a thing. I think all responsible people struggle with it. That’s the reality and that fits for some groups and certainly doesn’t for others. The microphone thing…ugh…I have similar challenges at times as the pc is close to the bedrooms in the house. But it shouldn’t be an obstacle. It’s something to work with.

Ok, look. Null sec is great as you know. I understand the appeal and desire to stay there. I’d like to offer you an opportunity to be a part of journey with other people in similar positions than us. Work. Parent. Spouse. Got it. Doesn’t need to take away from your enjoyment of the game, however. There is plenty you can give and get out of a group with your current situation.

So I’d like to invite you to consider another option with a smaller group. We’re building something here and while it takes time, of course, it’s something specific and very goal oriented that the whole corp are excited about. I’d love for you to consider us as an option. We’re in a good space in Deklein currently and while that is only for a time, we are focusing 100% on building up our corp and its capabilities. We need pve’ers and miners as we have buyback program for everything you do, which goes towards the production of some of the goals that we have in place to strengthen our group. In fact, everything we do goes toward strengthening our group while facilitating opportunities for our corp members to build up a healthy wallet while offering opportunities to pvp together.

We’re still small, but we’re active. We’re gradually growing in capabilities and we’re adding good people as we go. More pvpers are coming which gives us opportunities to work with to achieve those specific objectives (pvp) as well. invite you to take a look into our corp and If this sounds interesting to you, I’d love to share more with you about our plans.

Feel free to contact me in game or on discord: jadecougar#4377

I believe I found a Corp. Thanks for all the replies.

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I updated the post. Thanks for letting me know.

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