Null-sec Corp recruiting well rounded, experienced pilots - UMAH [EU/US/AUNZ]

Join us at United Mining and Hauling Inc. We’re looking for well-rounded pilots into our corporation in nullsec. both NPC and SOV. We are offering benefits of both the size and the teamwork. Join our in-game channel for further detail: UMAH_Pub

What We offer

  • Wide range of PVP opportunities : Ad hoc and organised roams, camps and fleets
  • Access to dozens of Upwell structures (corporate, alliance owned, several blue or freeport); rigged service for all processes - reactions, manufacturing, research, invention and capital manufacturing.
  • Access to all moon ore types (r64/r32), and multiple ice belt systems
  • Over 13,500 fully researched BPOs in the Corp Blueprint Library available to Members along with several hundreds BPC (Dreads, Carriers, Force Auxiliaries, Exhumers, Porpoise, Orca and Rorquals)
  • Large, lightly inhabited space around to explore in
  • Opportunity to supply local market
  • Jump Freighter service to and from the Jita Trade Hub for everyday necessities
  • SRP and Buy-Back programs

We welcome established PvP pilots, industrialist, miners, explorers, PI gurus and officer hunters. People with drive to build the community will find us a good match.

We expect our members to be team players: miners to join alliance/corporate PVP actions time to time to protect or expand our opportunities; PvPers to help securing our industrial operations when needed and so on. As a part of a large SOV nullsec alliance PvP and fleet participation is for everyone: a necessity of survival for some and fun/content for others.

We would like to have more active, experienced and social players - recognising that we cannot support new players on the level it maybe required. You should have some experience in living in null or WH and know both the logistic and safety challenges; also around 40 million minimum SP on main generally applies - you will need the skills to be self sufficient and enjoy the game-play. Returning and active casual players are welcome.

About Us

:small_orange_diamond: Adult

  • We’re largely 30+ adults who enjoy the complexity of the game

:small_orange_diamond: Mature

  • Harvesting Tears’, ePeen, smacktalk, piracy, abuse, racism/sexism/homophobia are never tolerated

:small_orange_diamond: Collaborative

  • We help each other and our allies to grow, build, learn, and survive

:small_orange_diamond: Fun

  • We see Eve as a game, a distraction, an amusement and entertainment, not a job or obligation

:small_orange_diamond: RL First

  • No pressure when and how frequently you play

We are a medium corporation in number and strong in capabilities and we value our members as the most important asset – we are willing to expand without compromising our leading principles.

What to Do

If this appeals to you, and you’d like to learn more, join our public channel for an initial chat: UMAH_Pub, check our in-game advert or contact a recruitment officers.

Register here: … and join our Discord


Still recruiting industrialists, miners, explorers and PvP.

Came across your recruitment post and am a returning playing and was interested in learning more and seeing if this was a good fit.

Just sent you an ingame message - let’s chat to get to know more.

Still looking for skilled players!! Come join the fun!! :smiley:

Null Sec corp still recruiting experienced players… Come join the blackout fun!! :smiley:

Hmm… will be seeing you in chat soon. I am a returning player with solid scanning and exploration skills. I like what i see. I am just trying to see more of what EVE has to offer.

Join our recruitment channel for a chat: UMAH_Pub

I have been with UMAH for about 2 months now, after a 5 year break from the game, and I have to say that they delivered on what they promised. With all the new changes, upwells were a thing I didn’t yet know about. Lots of questions were asked, and answered. There is plenty opportunity for all sorts of play styles.

Industrialists and miners can have their fun with always having at least one moon belt running, and the upwell structures are rigged for additional efficiency when it comes to reprocessing, manufacturing, invention and reactions.
Explorers will find at times some competition to scan down sites, but generally you will find enough stuff to scan down.
PvPers will have enough to do, with almost daily roams or CTA’s, and enough people passing by that there is nearly always targets to chase.

I was sceptical about moving to null npc space at first, but these guys delivered on what they advertised. They are good company to be around, be it through in-game chat or on discord. I am really enjoying my time here, and hopefully so will you if you decide to join us.


Sending this back to the top for any US tz folks that are interested. We’d like to grow in the the US/AU tzs… Swing by our pub channel for a chat if interested

Looking to add all TZs…including Aussie!!
Join us in NPC null for rocksplosions and glorious destruction of ships (mainly ours)!

what area are you in

Returning from a year and a half absence from eve and very interested. Main has 110mil SP including Matari and Gallente dreads and carriers. Couple Alts as well but none over 15 mil SP. I’m an RN in real life so my schedule fluctuates but in general I’m online a good deal 3-4 days a week.

For iskies I normally rat but can orca mine as well… Not rorq yet :frowning:

I’ll be checking this thread!

We are in Syndicate. Swing by our pub channel for a chat!

We’d love to have a chat with you about joining up!! Swing by our pub chat or msg our CEO Darwien Cesaille in game.

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Sending this to the top…seeking Aussies to round out our corp!

We’re looking for mature players who want chill, fun people to hang with- in game and on Discord!
Come mine/explore/build and explode with us

Still recruiting. would love to see some more US TZ or Aussie TZ players come on board.

:sunglasses: Hi

Hi Ricoh! Come by our ingame chat if you have any questions for us!

We are looking for mature players from all tzs

Particularly, our alliance is looking to fill in our US/AU presence

Still looking for more people to join us. Miners, Industrialists, Explorers, Wormholers, even casual PVPers are welcome. :wink: