Rorqual looking for a home


I am about to get the necessary skill for a Rorqual. I was already running an Orca. I have 3 other accounts for mining with the Orca.

If a corp is interested to bring a mining enthusiasm, let me know.

o/ hi there miner :smiley:

What kind of ‘space’ you looking for? UMAH corp isn’t a pure only industrial / mining corp, we are very splitted. If we aim towards your goal, as miner… I can say that we offer a large infrastructure network, buybacks, JF service but I guess most interesting, moon mining.

Nearly every day we have a new moon chunk blowing up for people to mine so if that’s your thing, I’m sure it’s enough for you to mine, hehe. Ofcourse with being in NPC nullsec, it’s not safe to sit around afk mine but be prepared, know how to avoid getting those easy losses.

Read up on our Recruitment Thread and if you want to chat, I’m in Umah_Pub ingame.

Important notes:

  1. Toxic behaviour is NOT accepted… 0% of it.
  2. We are a RL prio corp… mainly ~30-40-50 up to ~65 in alliance, we have other choirs in life aswell and fully understand if you have it aswell. We see EVE something to enjoy, not have as your duty <3

Hope you find what you are looking for!

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