(CORP FOUND) EU-TZ Returning (but may as well be Newbro) Player LF NS Corp


Recently returned to the game after an incredibly long hiatus. Hoping to finally learn some decent PVP skills while helping to contribute to the success of a small, growing corp. I’m ideally looking to play in null-sec, as it’s an area of space I have literally no experience with, but have always yearned towards flying out there. Now that I’m all grown up, I think it’s time to jump into the deep end!

I may as well be a newbro when it comes to PVP combat, but I’m more than willing to learn and skill towards any required doctrines. That being said, I’m familiar with the basic mechanics of the game e.g. I can fly the thing and point the thing in the right direction (mostly).

I enjoyed mining and industry when I last played, so happy to contribute in that way too if needed, but really I just want to join any kind of fleet action that will help me get my head around PVP.

Am not particularly SP heavy, but again am willing to go in any direction needed.

Am usually online most weekday evenings, and over the weekend too. I am UK-based, English speaking and more than happy to go on Discord.

Hit me up on here on in-game if you have a place for me :slight_smile: Many thanks in advance!

Edit: Corp found - but appreciate everyone’s replies!

Hey - and welcome back. Check our post and get in touch if you find it a match; what I understood from your post you probably a player could integrate with us well.


Hello Gerrus

You could go all into null sec and join a corp there that you will join fleets in and rat and possibly mine as a number in a massive alliance where no one and I mean no one will care about you or your goals in the game or you could join a small and growing corp like what I run.

I run a pirate corp that is not in null but in low sec.
We have small numbers (30), so that people we fly with feel like they belong to something and that what they do helps all of us.
We live in a low sec border which means we have a high sec right next door and is about 13 jumps away from Jita and 7 from Dodixie.

If you want that massive I am but a number feel in the game then I hope you find what you looking for.
If you want to feel like you belong somewhere and you apart of a family of killers then we might just be what you looking for.

That’s the TLDR version
If you want the more in-depth version then please click the link below and read about us. Come say hello in our discord and let’s have a chat.

Thank You
Eric Shang

Honesly, my friend up here, Darwien, already replied but I just gotta tell you that I think we can be a great match.

UMAH is member of a medium alliance (VEGA) (~950 members), as a corp we are in a phase where we want to increase the core group of players and have fun, we do industrial, mining, pvp / gatecamp / defend our home space (CTAs).

I honestly think we are a really helpful corp where members can say their opinion and give us ideas for future growth, you aren’t just a pilot number as you easily can become in a super umbrella corp/ally.

  • RL first is important, I really want EVE to be fun and not a duty!
  • Toxic lvl wanted in corp = 0%. We are mainly at the age of 30-40-50s+ in corp/ally so crappy behavior will not be a good match, what so ever.

Please, join ingame channel, UMAH_Pub <3

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