Looking for a new corporation... check me out in this post on what I'm looking for

Hello, I’m returning from a rather long break from EVE.

I’m getting use to the controls again. I’m also going to need some tips on resetting me filters in-game.

I’ve got nearly 65 Million Skill points.

I like mission running, mining, exploration. Mostly High Sec stuff. But I do have some planetary production going on in low sec with blockade runner retrieval once a week.

My main home is near Amarr (my main trading hub) in the Aphend system. I’d rather stay near that area and not move far away. My gaming history seems to indicate that the times I’ve joined a corp and go through all the trouble to move closer to their base of operations… after about a week or two, players are drifting off and I’m by myself again, far from where I started with no support.

My “main” play time is during the weekend off and on depending on what we’re doing with the kids IRL. Central Standard time (U.S.)

I’d prefer a corp that does things together, mining, exploration etc. Also, I’d prefer a corp that is a bit more established. I’m not so much interested in a corp that’s just getting started with 3 members.

OH, AND THIS IS IMPORTANT… I’m not interested in PvP. If your corp is “focused” on PvP, don’t bother me with an invite. I play EVE to relax. However, I will consider a couple of things… If your corp likes to go to war and/or PvP a lot, I am willing to hang back and work on obtaining resources for the corp and also do some mining in a WH environment as long as there is a crew to enjoy the dangers with.

I’ve also got planetary production going that produces components for fuel… oxygen, uranium, coolant and robotics. I cycle my PI weekly, and if I’m in a corp, I donate 10% of my production to the corp, and will sell the rest to the corp at the lowest current AMARR prices -5%.

I also like transferring assets from point A to point B, but I don’t own my own freighter yet. The best I have is a Bustard.

Anyway, if you’re interested, considering what I’ve written above, then contact me and we’ll talk.


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My corp checks all of your boxes except for size, as I too came back fairly recently. But also us cst, in Amarr and we are high sec. Have access to allied players as well who also fit the bill.

We are geared towards newer players as most wanting pve/indy in high sec aren’t experienced. That said, once you relearn the ropes, you could advance to an officer type of position if interested.

It sounds like you’d be a great fit for the Co.LR Trade Consortium, unfortunately we’re still on the small side.

Sending this back to the top so that more people can check it out.

Hey @Faithful_Silence

We might be exactly what you’re looking for. We have our home pretty close to Amarr and are primarily PvE focused (although doing some fun fleets for those who want to - fully corp funded).

We have pretty experienced players in a lot of different areas but as our recruitment thread will show are primarily industrialists.

Check us out or come have a chat: https://forums.eveonline.com/t/newbro-friendly-hi-sec-industrialist-corp/295269

Hey, I think we would be a great fit. Mentioned earlier in this thread and didn’t hear from you. Now it’s the weekend so thought I’d check back in.

I’m CST, and understand IRL issues. We are in metropolis so probably pretty close and have a good small core for indy mining etc.

Hi Faithful o/

I have sent you an in-game mail, but thought I would reach out to you here, too. Our corp, UMAH, are currently recruiting - we don’t 100% match what you say you are looking for in your post, but I think you would be a great fit with us, if you don’t mind a change of scenery.

Mainly you say you would rather stay near Amarr; well we are a nullsec corp living our in Syndicate. We are a mixture of indy, pve and pvp players spread across EU/US/Aus time zones. We are a fairly small corp, but well established and playing a very active role in our alliance. PvE wise we have access to level 4 missions, burner missions and plenty of space for combat anomalies + exploration in our region and the surrounding area. We also have a pretty great industry infrastructure set up across our space, a large BPO library, offer plenty of moon mining (including several R64 moons), a corp buyback programme, and most importantly an active and engaged membership who are here to help :slight_smile: We have a small base in WH space, which it sounds like you might be interested in, too.

We do have pvp opportunities, roams, gate camps and drop etc., including CTA’s which we encourage our members to join. We aren’t a huge group, and we sometimes have to band together to protect what is ours- I see the occasional CTA as an alliance get together and a ‘team building exercise’ :wink:

In terms of our membership, we are mainly adults – many with families – and we’re not interested in drama; with that in mind our only real rules are:

i) no smack talk, racism, toxic behaviour etc. - we are all here to chill out and have fun flying pretend spaceships, at the end of the day :slight_smile:
ii) real life comes first, always. That is the principle at the core of our corp.

I know you said you are not interested in moving out of Amarr space. If you decided you did want to join, our alliance has a programme for ordering construction of ships, modules, ammo etc. within our region. We also offer a JF service to highsec, if you need help transporting stuff in/out of our space.
If you like the sound of what you hear, then reach out to me on here, via in-game mail or join our public channel - UMAH_Pub. If not, I hope you find what you’re looking for!


Hi, I too am a returning member from a couple of years break.
We have no issue with your non pvp side - but we are just restarting out - check our ad or pop into Sardines channel in game and we can have a chat - nothing lost m8!

Cheers Leg0 Man

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