Returning player looking for new home

Returning player looking for a corp that is friendly to mining and industry. I have 5 toons main is over 100m sp. I’m not a big pvp player. Don’t mind defending corp/alliance space. And small gang roams.

A chat is needed to cover some points if we are a solid match for you buuuuuut initially it seems we aren’t totally off :slight_smile:

UMAH do a mixed playstyle, mining, indy, pvp and what now. We rather not see ourself to only go for one side of the game but more open to try it all :slight_smile:
We are part of a larger alliance, The Initiaitve… that brings space, content in all forms… we have aswell our own little home with our infrastructure to nuture and get comfy in. (A sense of corporation home).

If you are interested, take a read on our forum thread HERE… and hop ongoing discord / ingame channel UMAH_Pub

Either way - I hope you find a corp that suits you!

were a smallish corp, live in Immensea, have our own moons/ore belts to grind and are looking for active players to help build a manu arm…

we are mainly EU TZ, are part of a larger alliance and big coalition, so lots space to explore when yr not sucking up ores…

If you wanna be part of that, jump into shield107 in game or DM me Edrik Prime for more info on whether we are a good match ? cheers.

INIT. Would like to have a talk with you.

Hey were open for Returning players…Here is our ad. [ELHS] Empire Logistics and Holding Services WANTS YOU! - #9 by Rusty_Nals

Hi There m8

welcome back:)

I run a small independent pvp alliance and from what you wrote i think you could be the guy iam looking for.

I need a dedicated industrialist to help me with establish our highsec industrial corp.

We play a very simple game style and it wont be much of an effort you need to put in:)

If you want to hear me out please make sure to join our discord and poke me.


Hi. We are an awesome group of players. Many of us also returned to the game. Come have a chat in our discord.

Smasher NoMore, welcome back! We have a great group of guys and a really good fit for you and your chars. In game mail sent, please reach back if you would like to move forward.