64m sp toon w/ dread/ carrier alts looking for a home

Currently seeing whats out there, im not a big fan of giant wars / tidi fights / blobs in general … was afk for a bit , hopefully can find a home that rejuvenates me… cheers and good day… USTZ btw

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Hey Donna,

Our corp, UMAH, are currently recuiriting. We might be a good fit for you, depending on what you’re after. A bit about us:

We are a RL-first corp operating out of Syndicate, part of VeGA alliance. We’re a mostly a group of Indy/PvP orientated pilots, some a mixture of the two some focused solely on one or the other. When we say we are a RL-first corp, we mean it - our philosophy is Eve is not meant to be a second job, it is supposed to be enjoyed. With that in mind we’re also not interested in toxic attitudes, racism, sexism etc. We are interested in unwinding after work with spaceships and explosions with other like-minded people - while getting space-rich, of course.

We operate out of null, and have a range of infrastructure with most indy services you will need, R64 moons, plenty of room for PI, PvE, exploration etc. as well as a large BPO library. PvP-wise we are growing; there are plenty of opportunities for small roams, gatecamps etc. as well as defensive and offensive CTA’s and home defence operations. No giant tidi fights out here😊 We are a fairly small corp currently in a phase of growing to a medium size, which I personally have seen as a bonus - we are a real community, where people help each other out and your actions and involvement have a real impact.

If interested, you can join our in-game Umah_Pub channel (discord details are there as well), or shoot me a message in game for more details

Hope to fly with you soon o7

Hi there Donna,

Welcome back from your brief absence :slight_smile:

From what you wrote i think Morts and Winmatar alliance could be a great option for you.

below you have some points on why you should consider us as an option

1, No structures bashing nor cta’s
2. No sov space to bother off.
3, No Sp/Exp requirements. Time will fix that for you:)
4, No api/seat b-llsh-t. We welcome spies to spy for us:)
5, No TiDI and anchor +F1
6. No blue donut (we want targets)
7, No corp tax. Yes, you read it right 0 % CORP TAX.

  • Venal (Null npc space)
  • Make 500m/hr doing lvl4 guristas missions to fund your pvp
  • You will matter for us. Morts is a family and we take care of our own
  • Small/midsize pvp, up to 20 pilots. Your skills will actually matter this time
  • Fly what you want to fly and can afford to lose.
  • Very laidback game experience
  • Experienced FCs

Do you want to know more, join our discord and lets talk

Old recruitment video: Mortis angelus - eve online - YouTube
Killboard:Mortis Angelus | Corporation | zKillboard


I think I read your post and am able to provide you what you are after. If I read it correctly you are wanting a community driven small to medium established corp with decent PVP activity / availability. This is my recruitment page take a look at the post and my details are at the bottom of the page. I think it would be worth your time to have a chat at the very least.

PJhustle Signature

Come to WHs… throw dread toons in c5s to farm up and throw 2B bhaalgorns in juicy armor brawls. Hit me up on Discord BearThatCares#1337

╗╔╔╗║║║ :skull_and_crossbones: :skull_and_crossbones: :skull_and_crossbones: :skull_and_crossbones: :skull_and_crossbones:
║║╠╣║╠╗. VALKLEARS.
╚╝║║╚║║ :skull_and_crossbones: :skull_and_crossbones: :skull_and_crossbones: :skull_and_crossbones: :skull_and_crossbones:
We’re the Valklears - living in NPC nullsec.

We are looking for a few more capsuleers to join us killing everyone, disrupt nullsec routes and reap the rewards (500m/h) of being a Guristas…


gretings… we are a relaxed corp in nullsec . theres plenty of action going if y like it but no one will yell at you to form ! xD check us out

Hey! I started a lore-based corporation, but we’re still working to recruit members, so we’re still on the smaller side. We’re moving thru lowsec Minmatar space with our alliance, with NPC null and then sov null on the books. Look us up in game at “Congress on Luminaire Republicanism”, ticker: “CO.LR”. You can find more info on the corp information tab there. Fly safe o/

Into the Ether


We are corporation of USTZ and EUTZ players looking for like minded individuals to join our laid back PVP community! Our leadership recently returned and created our start up dragging old friends and enemies alike to PVP and create content for all those involved!

We are extremely interested in returning players like ourselves.

The corporation has a plethora of experienced directors and fleet commanders who strive to take the bullcrap out of the game so the content comes easy for our members! We formed this corporation to begin a new chapter in our eve careers and we would like you to come along! We are looking for pilots who wish to center themselves around real people in real PVP settings, looking to follow us to some of the most exotic places in eve while trying to get the fix that we so happily PLEX our accounts for! If you fit our requirements and wish to help build a better pvp experience maybe you can step, Into the Ether…

Hey come join us on our diacord im sure we the right place for you

Brittas Empire are looking for pilots to join our team. We are mainly comprised of UK and EUTZ players, but are also looking to expand our USTZ and other timezones so that we can build our corp community and do even more fun stuff together!

We Offer:

  • Fun social gaming atmosphere
  • Access to both alliance & private corp space for ratting, mining & industry, including corp owned moons
  • Corp & Alliance run Buyback & JF services.
  • Alliance Level PVP
  • Small gang corp roams
  • Alliance Flight School access to teach new and rusty players the basics

What we are looking for:

  • Working Mic
  • English speaking
  • Friendly attitude and looking for a laugh - no drama
  • A willingness to PVP - we are happy to teach

Love your PVP? We are currently engaged in one of EVEs biggest wars and you’re welcome to join the team and jump right in, if that’s your thing.

Sound Good? Got some Questions? Head to over to our Discord:

Speak Soon o7

Hey there Donna,

Federation Uprising (FEDUP) might be right for you, We’re a smaller US and EUTZ alliance that’s part of the Legacy coalition so the blobbing and tidi does come with the territory. We as an alliance, however, specialize in small to midscale engagements. We pride ourselves on holding our own and punching above our weight. I’ll give you a copy-paste of what we offer and what we’re looking for to give you an idea of what we’re all about. If it sounds interesting to you, definitely come chat with us on our public discord, link at https://federationuprising.com/.

You’re right for us if you are:
-Bloodthirsty (love to pvp or want to learn)
-Social and active on comms (Mumble)
-Mature and thick-skinned
-Either self-sufficient or proactive in seeking help
*Bonus: Indy-minded (mining, production, hauling)

We offer:
-Active and engaged leadership
-A dynamic corp/alliance that’s always in the thick of things
-Excellent space in Fountain for income
-A tight-knit and social atmosphere

Additional Info:
-ESI check and interview required
-SP requirement is flexible
-RL first: if you’re online, play hard; if you’re not, it’s none of our business

Hello, We’re recruiting and we are super laid back and awesome. We pretty much just do what is fun to us, a very relaxed approach at playing eve.

We have massive battles with goons (part of Pandemic horde), so you can choose to do any type of pvp you want when you want. Corp is very active and associates with each other all day/daily.

hit me up of you’d like to chat.

we a life first,eve second, :face_with_raised_eyebrow: small corp/alliance in c2
looking for new to old player, active on ustz

una corp pequena que vive en c2
buscando jente nueva a viejos veteramos, activos en us tz

corp channel DRAKNKEN PUD

Hey man if your still looking for a corp you would fit right in with us. We are not involved in any of the large wars right now and do mostly small gang stuff in our area. We also live in the north which means that most of space is neutral to us. Feel free to hit me up in game or through our discord. You can also check us out on our recruitment post below.

Proud Member of Eternal Requiem

✪ Chill R.L.C.F. Group of mature people
✪ Industry ツ and PvP :skull_crossbones: oriented corp.
✪ Plenty of ISK making opportunities to fund PVP.

10,000,000 SP minimum
Must be self-sufficient in: Rating in 0.0, Mining, Exploring, etc…
1 FAT eligible fleet per number of toons in corp

Experienced Leadership with many years of 0.0 experience.

Check out our website if you would like to know more:
Rebels and Renegades

Hi Donna, any interest in checking out life in Pochven? This region functions like a hybrid of J-space and NPC-null and has a wide variety of both PvE and PvP content found nowhere else in New Eden.

There are no capitals here (other than some of the grandfathered caps) but a little bit of everything else. We have a great community of players and we could always use another pilot willing to brave EvE’s most hazardous space with us.

What we offer:

  • ム Industry - enjoy null-sec level bonuses to refining, manufacturing, research, and planetary production only a few jumps from Jita
  • ム Logistics - transport goods into and out of Pochven with easy connections to Empire space
  • ム Mining - mine r64 moons and Triglavian ores from the richest belts in the game
  • ム PvE - battle Drifters, Rogue Drones, and EDENCOM for rewards from the Triglavian Collective
  • ム PvP - engage in small-gang warfare, ESS heists, and daily roams with a team of friendly and active pilots

If you are interested in joining, apply in-game to Stribog Proving [SKS3P] and authenticate on our website.

Hope to fly with you soon in The Domain of Bujan

shot you an in game mail!

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