V.e.G.A. is recruiting your corp!

V.e.G.A. is inviting mixed profile corporations to our NPC nullsec home (not rental)

Well established, large alliance in NPC nullsec space is looking for mixed profile, active corporation. We offer a trial period (access to space, resources and services) that eventually leads to membership if both parties agree.

We offer:

  • long established nullsec space to stay in and grow
  • vast infrastructure spread across several systems, docking and usage of upwell services on the same conditions as members
  • unlimited access to several moon extractions, natural and ice belts
  • intel and fleet sharing
  • participation in random and planned fleetops
  • local market, logistics service and SPR for alliance operations
  • friendly, active and supportive community

We expect:

  • reliable and relaxed partnership, willingness to collaborate
  • participation in alliance operations
  • visible presence and activity in our space both in industrial/PvE and PvP activities

We want to grow selectively. This is not a rental offer but an intitial partnership with prospect of alliance membership. The ideal candidate has a core, active membership and size (20+ pilots), active in PvP as well as industrial/mining/expoloration/PvE and plans to grow and integrate while maintaining its own identity. We welcome any/all timezones, our activity is mixed EU/US at the moment.

With questions or interest, please contact Darwien Cesaille (ENG) via in-game mail indicating your corporate details; applications will undergo vetting and interview process.



Join the V.e.G.A community, friendly, helpful and just alot of fun! <3

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V.e.G.A converted me!

they can convert you too!

Is it a cult? i unno, but i’m told not to ask too many questions.

Just come on down and drink the . . . . spod? . . . . huh i don’t know what we mine anymore. Who put me in charge of a mining corp again?

|BUMP| - We are still looking for a good corp to match our alliance <3

Read top post - will your corp be a good match you think? If Yes - get in touch now! <3

[BUMP] confirmed, nice people of all kinds, mature alliance worth to join

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Seeking corps to match well with us :slight_smile:

Very friendly group of mature players across several timezones.

Join the fun in VEGA :slight_smile:

Lots to be gained but especially!:

  • A big bunch of superb friends :slight_smile:
  • A solid infrastructure to stage from!
  • PVP and Indy in the exact dose to keep you happy all week, over and over again :stuck_out_tongue:

Check us out!

Übrigens. Vega ist zweisprachig, Deutsch/Englisch. Schaut einfach mal bei uns vorbei.

Check us out o/
A corp boost would be solid!

Get in touch with us o/ VEGA wants to grow in Syndicate! :slight_smile:

VEGA is still looking for corps :slight_smile:

Übrigens. Vega ist zweisprachig, Deutsch/Englisch. Schaut einfach mal bei uns vorbei.

VEGA is still looking for awesome corps to join the equally awesome NPC nullsec. Skip sov - skip low - skip high… embrace NPC null :slight_smile:

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