123m sp main with 2 capital alts returning after summer lull - EU TZ - Looking for null pvp

Returning after Summervacation, being in my own alt rental corp for the last 1-2 months.

RL info:
Mature player- 36 years old
+GMT 1 EU player (Denmark)
Have working mike and all the programs

EVE info:
123m Main pvp char which can fly nearly all supcap ships and fits
Atm traning into Amarr Dreads

2x Capital alts with 87m and 109m sp which i can dual run Dreads, carriers or Fax - JC V on both.
Have capital hulls and isk to buy em

Can allso fly titan and rorqual if Needed.
1x Indy reproc and Cyno Alt

Iam Looking for an EU active corp living in Nullsec, iam not looking for lowsec og WH based corps.
+18 year old players
No drama

Feel free to contract me ingame or on discord: Tridemax#5692

Excited to see what people can offer
Tridemax o/

Hey dm me on discord Nomz#4568

Hey TriDeMAX,

we are a PVP focused EUTZ corp that is a member of WE FORM V0LTA. We currently hold Sov in Pure Blind, Fade and Deklein but have hostile space close by. Our content ranges from small gang, whaling and roams to bigger stratop fleets (on max forms maybe 100 characters in fleet). We try to avoid TiDi and huge blobs as much as possible. Judging by your post you would fit right in, so I’d be happy if you come to our discord to chat or send me an ingame mail.

Hi mate, we’re in Imperium and obviously live in null, and now the war is over we’re looking for members. We have members from across the globe, plenty of stuff for you to do with all your characters, and so long as you haven’t been in pappi recently you might find a home with us.

Our main recruitment thread is here: Eve Defence Force - as old as Eve itself

And our discord server is here: Eve Defence Force

Come and chat with us, best place is discord but if you’re online you can hang aroud in our in-game channel, The EDF Bar. I look forward to chatting with you.

bump :slight_smile:

Hi Tridemax

just sent you an ingame mail

looking forward to hearing from you


Hey, You might be abit … over-qualified for NPC null but I can atleast give you the short tour :wink:

Recruitment link on EVE-Forum ← Read this if below is interested at all … if not then don’t waste your time on this link :stuck_out_tongue:

So we (UMAH corporation), operate in NPC nullsec (Syndicate), member of the alliance VEGA. We have no particular focus but I would call us a very mixed corp, both timezone, activities (pvp, mining, production etc).

We might not have the BEST but we have most… good ratting space, moon mining, ice mining, some pew pew aswell ofc. Building up our member base as we speak, moving towards being a more active corp all around the clock.

Have 2 main guidelines with the corp;

  • No toxic behavior, Mr-Know-it all to push other ppl down, bullying and stuff like that ← Absolutley nothing for us no matter how aswesome you are in pvp, indy or whatever.
  • RL is nr 1. Most of us are abit older, familys and hobbies so we do not demand your activity but we want you to play when you feel for it - pretty simple “Don’t make EVE your job” <3

You can find me pretty much all day in UMAH_Pub ingame for more info (aswell more info to read in the recruitment link above), my discord contact is there aswell… I’m in office all day so will be checking semi-active.

o7 And hey, corp needs another nordic guy … I’m almost alone as a Swede :wink:

We would love to speak with you :slight_smile:

hey, sounds like you would be a good fit here! Our EUTZ is rapidly expanding and we have a few other players from your area. If you’re still looking, hit us up on discord


feel free to drop in on our discord

hope to see you there

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