60M SP USTZ pilot looking for corp/alliance in low/null

I’ve found a group to chill with, so thank all of you for your time and support. Fly safe.:grinning:

I cannot use any sort of third party comms system or audio comms in general.

Yep, this is a requirement for literally 99.99999999999999999999999999999% of all null/low corps. Goodluck on your search.

Thanks. I definitely need the luck, though it never hurts to ask.

Hi There.

We are a null sec corp base in Tribute,

No requirement for voice or 3rd party.

Contact me in Game

Jon Hortoni

The Konvergent League would be a great place for you. We are in nullsec as part of Sev3rance. We are currently rebuilding our corp so you would get in on the ground floor and there is no pvp requirements. Join us on discord

or mail me in game or join our pub channel KVGT Pub

Hi Andrew,
My corp is recruiting, we split our time between sansha space and highsec. Might be a good fit, here’s our recruit post if you might be interested.

All day PvP chill corp to fly with

Hey check us out:

Newest video:

Low Sec murdering here! You know you want to join a corp called “Autism Cartel” :slight_smile:

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