67Mil SP Pilot Looking For Established LowSec Corp

I am currently able to PLEX my account doing industry and trade alone. I need PVP to fill in my time. I specialize in Logistics (V), I have tonnes of isk, and have years of PVP experience. I have no more interest in Null or WH space. Instead am looking for an established Corp (based in LowSec) that does regular gate camps, lowsec PVE, and PVP roams for US TZ. (Preferably near Jita or Amarr trade hubs)

Hey Foxtrot Legion,

You would be a great fit for JREX based on your interested and what you like doing! At JREX We specialize in pirate PvP in low-sec, null-sec, and all surrounding regions including FW low sec space. JREX flies all shapes and sizes of ships. We have very few requirements and tons of content just outside our front door. We are extremely active from fleet times ranging from 1700-0630. We are looking for active players that want to PvP with us. Our fleet types range from blops, small-gang, capitals, to medium-scaled fleets. We also moon mine and rat for our isk with access to various moons. We have a lot of opportunities for all different types of PvP content.

We are also a real-life comes first type of corporation. Our ideal pilot would be someone who wants to PvP in our fleets, solo, or wanting to create their own content.

We are also founding members of our alliance called Sedition. We hope to grow our alliance to do more fun fleets with our friends. Interested corps should also join “JREX REC”

Our Killboard: Jerkasaurus Wrecks Inc. | Corporation | zKillboard

Here’s our link to our thread and discord.

Check us out.

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