68m SP returning player [UTC -3] [spanish preferred]

After a 10 year hiatus, I’m testing the waters again and looking to get back in the game.
I have a lot of re-learning to do, but I’m used to being self-sufficient.

I’m looking for a primarily spanish speaking, latin american preferably corp, anywhere in low or null sec. Love to roam in small gangs.

Hit me up!

Después de un descanso de 10 años, estoy viendo de volver al juego. Tengo mucho que volver a aprender, pero estoy acostumbrado a ser autosuficiente.

Estoy buscando una corporación principalmente de habla hispana, preferentemente de latinoamerica, en cualquier lugar de low o null sec. Me encanta salir de roam en small gangs.

Nos vemos!


You seem like a great candidate for us however we do lack the spanish speaking, latin america requirements. In EVE, we as pilots find ways to adapt and overcome the obstacles set for us.

If you have a free moment, have a read through about us. Perhaps it could spark some interest, and if you have any questions please feel free to reach out.

Hope to chat soon o7

Hello, I’ll answer in english as idk if is allowed to do it in spanish.

I’m the CEO of Svalbard Nursery SVK, although our corporation is international (therefore mostly English-speaking), we have several members who also speak or are learning Spanish, including myself (I’m from Uruguay, for example).

Our corp is dedicated to teaching new players all the steps from starting the game to living in nullsec and helping returning veteran players update with new changes.

From pvp we mainly do smallgangs and fleets to teach/update our members.

We also have a sister corporation for veterans who want a more committed style of play. There we have access to fleets at the alliance (member of Apocalypse Now) and coalition (allied with FiRe coalition) level, access to fully upgraded space for pve, buyback, srp, JF pilots, regional and coalition markets, etc.

What I like to highlight about our corporations is the people, we are more than a group of players united by our organization, we are a very friendly community, where we care that you are not just a number, where we like to know our peers, help each other, progress and have fun together as much as possible.

If you are interested in our little community feel free to message me on discord LucyFer Nandez#2104

Fly safe, dangerous or drunk, but have fun out there!

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Still looking for corp.

Todavía buscando corp.

Hey Crassus,

Like others, I cant offer you a spanish speaking crew, but I can offer you an active EUTZ Null based corp that isnt part of the major null blocs. We have frequent small gang PVP and a strong indy base if thats something you enjoy

Check out our ad and hopefully we can chat soon!

No Spanish speaking corp at all on USTZ?

Ninguna corp hispana en USTZ?


Try these guys, its a corp within a spanish speaking alliance in Providence. CENTURIONES LATINOS - DOTLAN :: EveMaps

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