Old vet looking for a pvp corp / spanish speaking corp/alliance

I am 40+ years old and play the game since beta (including longer breaks of course) and as I moved to latin america (6month/year) I need to practice my spain while I am not there and doing what I love I guess.
For me is everything pvp related fine as long as we have fun. I have like 80%nullblock full scale exp and rest small scale but I am a bit rusty here and need practice as well
please send me your com infos here or via ingame mail. muchisimo gracias

Hi, I can not offer u a mainly spanish speaking corp, but in our community we have various people who are learning or already speak Spanish (Including myself, I’m from Uruguay).

We are Svalbard Nursery SVK, a teaching corp that looks for newbros who want to learn, returning players who want to get up to date, veterans who want to teach, casual players who want to play with friends and people who wants to get prepared to a more committed gameplay but don’t know how to do it.

We have not mandatory ops and are a “RL comes first” community.

What we do/offer?

Non wardeccable so u can move in HS without extra dangers.

A HS campus with access to:
Triglavian hunting fleets
L4 missions

A NS campus with access to a fully upgraded constellation were we do:
Ice and Moon mining up to r64
WH day tripping

A sister corp with more pvp (access to alliance, coalition and block level ops), more PvE options, wardecc content, SRP and more.

What we ask?
Be friendly
No drama
No RL politics or controversial stuff

If that sounds interesting to you I invite you to come say hello in our discord Svalbard Nursery SVK

Have fun out there capsuleer!


ya I am looking for a pvp only (or primarily focused on) corp and I am still looking.
Will check out your discord soonish

See ya

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