-7- SEV3RANCE is Recruiting Players / Corporations


Time has come to open up some doors in New Eden. SEV3RANCE is one of the older alliances in New Eden. We are opening our doors to recruitment to all skill levels of pilots and Corps. Current state of eve is about growth, and we understand there are a lot of new bro pilots who are looking for a home, full of history and the opportunity to create their story in eve.
We, as a core member of FIRE, can offer this to you.

As for skill level we are looking for pilots from the newest bros to the bitter vets looking for a new challenge. We have A LOT of experience in our ranks, able to teach you the ins and outs of living in our space.


Ice mining
Moon mining
Vast space for making money over Ratting
Research and development or BP copying
Fuel block manufacturing
Reactions, Capital Production, and specialized structures for all sorts of industry

Huge Null sec Fleets over our Coalition
Small gang fleets, roams and filaments to fuel our pvp needs.
Home defence for all!!
PvP training and step by step guidance (you only have to ask)
Black Ops

If any of this sounds like where you or maybe your corp want to be, Feel free to send a mail in game to the following names or join out Diplo channel in game and we will set you in the right direction! Come join one of the oldest and most tight community of blood thirsty pilots in eve.

Recruitment Team

Ingame Contacts
Jhonen Senraedi (Lead)
Iios (Lead)
Sawney JuskaRath (USTZ)
Mercury MaxX (EUTZ)




10/10 would recommend


Start your new year with us. We will be 16 years old in feb, 2023.
We are one of the oldest running alliance in eve-online.


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