70mil SP toon looking for null sec home


I’m on the US East Coast and ideally looking for a mostly American corp. Want to live in null sec for fleets and ratting.

70mil SP omega account with a cyno alt. Can fly caps and most sub caps. Returning player after long break.

Please convo me in game or send me a mail. Thank you for your time!

Hello there,

Have you ever thought about living in WH space? Here is more information about us. If you are interested, feel free to join our discord and talk to us.

Hey we are a long time corp, living in a very active section of null

lots of great members.

come and say hi

Buddy, nullsec is old news! Faction warfare was the most recent expansion, and you’ll generate so much more ISK casually capturing complexes. It’s like VNI ratting, but in a frigate… and 100-200m/hr.

Capital escalations in lowsec are great, more smaller gang content. Lots of mid-large scale fleets too.

Do you have a burning desire to mine both ships and sometimes rocks? We took the wrong gate a few weeks ago and found ourselves in nullsec by mistake.

Be sure to check out our linked videos to learn more about Hi-sec mining in Null security space.

Here is last nights BR after somebody tried to bully one of our miners:

hi my friend
you are welcome with us

Hey dude we live in wormhole space where we make plenty of iskies but we focus on PvP. I know you mention caps with us living in a c2 we dont really have caps but hey maybe turns out you dont want to fly caps anymore and a sub cap god. Hehe

REPZ is an industrial corp looking for pilots to join us in null - Corporations & Alliances / Recruitment Center - EVE Online Forums

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