72 mil sp pilot, needing a wh home

Looking for a new home. Currently live in null but keep diving back into wormholes. Not really looking for any overly bloated alliances or corps. I’ve done the sov warfare thing, and its not for me. My play schedule is erratic at times, I work full time, will be going to school full time and have 3 kids. If you corp lives in a wh, has an opportunities for isk making and blowing up other peoples stuff send me a message in game or on here.

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Come to a null group that dives wormholes primarily and beats the hell out of Goons in NPC Delve :slight_smile: We have the whole sov thing to… But right now we’re just focused on small gang killing!

Hi Scatter,

If your looking for a notable pvp focused WH corp have a look at No Vacancies. We live in a c5 with a c5 static. If interested please check out the link No Vacancies c5>c5 WH pvp recruitment



Hello @scatter_Khardula,

I’m sending you a in game letter. I saw you visit our Recruit Channel, but didnt know you were looking for WH life again.

Hope to see ya in space my friend,

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We’re a US/AU TZ null sec PvP group that specializes in BLOPs and capitals (our killboard). Join our in-game channel Scotch Delivery, or join our discord. Hope to hear from you soon!

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