No Vacancies c5>c5 WH pvp recruitment

(Amon Calis) #1

In 2018 we have Vacancies!

No Vacancies [NVACA] is currently looking for eager pilots to join our ranks. If you’re solely focused on PvE, Indy, you’re not a team player or you’re afraid to lose your shiny ship, best look elsewhere. No Vacancies currently resides in C5>C5 Pulsar in Wormhole space, where the opportunity for content and isk generation is fantastic.

Minimum Member requirements:

  • Teamspeak 3
  • Working Mic
  • Scanning ability or Willingness to
  • Ability/willingness to train into Corp doctrines
  • PvP experience
  • Comms discipline
  • Cruiser V

Pilots we are looking for:

  •   Good attitude is #1 
  • PvP experience/FC experience a
    bonus/willingness to give it a go
  • T3, command ship, black ops and
    Logistics pilots
  • Capital pilots
  • Self-sufficient team players who enjoy blowing **** up

What does NVACA offer?

  • Content!
  • Teamspeak, Slack, Forums
  • Citadel access/storage/Market/moon
    mining, Keepstar and sotiyo access
  • SRP
  • A relaxed, tight-knit Corp members who will aid you in enjoying the vastness of W-Space
  • Access to sleeper sites to pay for PvP content if you need (we wont hold your hand)
  • Excellent Home markets fully stocked so you dont have to haul

Drop by and have a chat if you think you’d be a good fit!

In game channel: “No Vacancies”

Alternatively speak to one of our recruiters and we can answer any questions you may have. Here you will find our application process

AU TZ Recruitment: Open

Contacts: Amon Calis, Kathy Stewart.

EU TZ Recruitment: Open

Contacts: Boris Kurova, Mick Fightmaster, Amon Calis, Kathy Stewart.

US TZ Recruitment: Open

Contacts: Eisu, Mick Fightmaster, Dirk Slaughterfist Pareleru, Kathy Stewart, Amon Calis, Universal Bob

77mil sp player looking for a new start in eve
Recruitment me? maybe?
Looking for Corp
PVP Toon with Capital alt looking for a corp
Returning player 47m sp looking for PVP
175M SP PVP Toon looking for a new home within US Timezone
96Mil, USTZ Bittervet Looking For Home
86.5m SP character looking for a new home
Returning to game and need a corp
68m Command Ship pilot looking for a PST WH crew
Returning pvp vet/ LF indy/pvp 87 mil sp
51M combat pilot LF fun & deadly corp
140 mil sp pilot returning to the game
77 million SP Pilot Needs New Home
200 mil sp experienced player looking for a change
67 mil SP NA Char looking for New Experience
80Mil+ SP player looking for a corp
28M SP Pilot LF Activity
130m SP char looking at ... stuff
71M SP - Looking for pvp corp. J-space/0.0 pref
Returning player looking for New crew
100mill+ SP pilot returning after 3 years looking for a WH corp
140M SP Looking for a New Opportunities (Low, 0.0, W-space)
Looking for Corp / alliance
144 MIL SP pilot looking for an Aus/NZ corp
70 mil sp returning vet looking for a home
[Closed] 47mil sp toon looking for EU time zone (mainly) PvP corp
35 mil SP char looking for C5/C6 wormhole PVP corp
80 mil sp returning vet with 63 mil sp BLOPs/Carrier alt and 30 mil Rorq alt looking for active PVP/BLOPs group
180mil + Looking For Corp
84 mil sp Looking for new corp
120m SP Returning to game Looking for EU tz Small Gang PvP
64mil sp returning pilot looking for Corp
72 mil sp pilot, needing a wh home
145m looking for wormhole small to mid gang 2300-0400
115m SP returning player looking for a home
Returning 148m SP player, looking for a new home
US Player (GMT -8) Looking for PvP/PvE
Adopt me. 80m SP returning WH pilot
135m SP Character + more just take look, needs a home
PVPer looking for new home |> Small- to Med-Scale PVP
Returned Player - Looking for active large WH CORP - EU TZ
149m sp cap pilot look for c4.c5 group
50mil sp pvp focused subcap pilot Looking for pewpew
200 mil SP FC and skilled Hunter - looking for a C2-C3/NS static hunting Group!
130M SP Returning player looking for PVP Fun
160m SP Returning Bittervet seeking ISK and Explosions
Looking for a chill group who’ll accept an old timer
Returning 136M SP Character Looking for a community
115 mill sp pvp/indy + alts looking for corp
114 mill sp pvp'er + alts + 3-4 other guys looking for next adventure
Looking for AUTZ active WH group
Returning player, 92/90 mil SP, looking for mid-large sized null or WH corp
80m SP PvP toon LF EU PvP focused lowsec/WH corp
C4 Wh Corp looking for an Alliance
(Searbhreathach) #2

111 million sp toon with useful alts searching for pvp corp :slight_smile:

(Amon Calis) #3

Feel free to hop on pub chat when your free Searbhreathach and have a chat.

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NOVAC is a pretty cool guy. Eh fights in wormholes and doesn’t afraid of anything.

~38M SP- Looking for Gang pvp
64 m SP pilot looking for a new place to call home
US TZ PVP Pilot looking for something
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