149m sp cap pilot look for c4.c5 group

I want to make isk and pvp…i have 149m sp and several alts . looking to run c4 c5 sites daily and pvp combat expeirienced in null coalitions message if u want me… Us tz early and late night everyday very active

So you want to live in wormholes but be in a null coalition? That’s basically what I got out of your post…

Im taking from that you want to pvp in wh space and you have experience in null coalitions. So the two definate boxes we can tick is you know f1 and have great sp.

No Vacancies is recruiting and id be happy to have a chat to see if we suit your requirements. Here is some info, feel free to drop by pub “No Vacancies”.

we’re always accepting new pilots

I would like to think im better at pvp than just f1… But i get your point… No vacancies is a alliance i have been watching for years … Im definitly interested

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“combat experienced in null coalition” cut the guy some slack, manbear


Means im currently in large Nullsec coalition… i have been playing since 2004 so… I have been in FW… lowsec… highsec ect… i was vauge and I apologise… currently in nullsec coalition.

I have wormhole exp. C4 with C4 static small corp although. I have FW lowsec exp. I am currently In nullsec. Have flown with black legion in venal for few years. I am looking for WH lyffee

Ill do my best to explain his logic:


At least put my face on it… on my phone or I’d Photoshop it

I found him guys!! Is there a reward? Recruitment maybe?

Will edit later on… seems worth it


Hi dude.

You look like the ideal person to join Mind Games.

For the past 6 years, under the Suddenly Spaceships banner we have been using gurilla warfare to great effect. We have been part of the biggest events in EvE history and have traditionally followed a nomadic life style.

We pride our selves in being able to fight outnumbered but never out skilled.

We offer a wide range of demanding doctrines to suite every style of play in the game.

More recently we have taken up residence in a Class 4 wormhole with C5/2 statics, meaning every day we can take specialist fleets to every corner of the Eve universe.

We have a lot of structures in the hole meaning you can have nearly every size ship in here as well as 7/8/9/+ jump clones here too if needed as well as conduct PI/industry too!

Normally flying fast nano, small ship doctrines (for frigate hole connections) as well as armour t3 fleets and much more.

Recently we committed our selves to a nano bhargest doctrine which saw us fielding 18 dps ships plus support against 140 people, while fighting to seige a fort in a WH.

We have always tried to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to playing style and doctrines.

If you think you would be intrested in joining an Elite pvp focoused corp then please apply to our forums


And check out my youtube for examples of the kind of fleets we do:


https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=suddenly+spacechips 1

well, now i feel like a jerk. sorry i was out doing National Guard things. if you’re still looking we definitely have a home for you man. message me in game and we can get you started picking up where you want to be

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