Looking for Wh corp

Auz player looking for an active pvp/e Corp that either has a c4 or c5 static that runs fleets for both pvp and pve,


if you want to try Nullsec you are welcome with us :grinning:

No Vacancies has Vacancies.
C5 pvp Corp (need to get the recruitment post edited…), many benefits. Check us out.

Holy Hunters live in a 5-5 who spend most of his time PvP but we do PVE to afford our ships, while focusing on having a wonderful time on comms without any toxicity.

Hey mate, I dunno if you’re still looking but I was in the same situation as you, also in Aus, i found a great WH clan, does both pvp/pve. hit me up if you’re keen

Hello Bellahead16 Otsada,

First off, greetings from the other side of the New Eden! Your preference for a corp with a C4 or C5 static is perfectly understood, and I respect the playstyle that comes with such a setup.

At the moment, Cryptopia is based out of a C2 wormhole with a lowsec static. This brings a unique blend of opportunities, providing us with a mix of PvP engagements in lowsec and wormhole-specific PvE operations. The dynamic nature of wormhole connections also means that we frequently find ourselves in different parts of space, offering a varied gameplay experience.

While it’s not the C4 or C5 static you mentioned, there’s some news on the horizon that might pique your interest: we are actively looking to move into a wormhole with a C4 or C5 static in the near future. Your experience and interests would align perfectly with this transition.

If you’re open to exploring a slightly different playstyle in the short term while being part of a corp that is planning a transition to a more familiar playground for you, Cryptopia could be an excellent fit.

Would love to chat more and discuss potential synergies. Drop by our Discord channel [CYPTA] Cryptopia if you’re intrigued!

Should you opt for a corp that already has the exact setup you’re looking for, no hard feelings. Best of luck in your search, and may your fleets always find victory!

Cheers and fly safe!

Best regards,
Serathi Geos
CEO, Cryptopia

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