State of Wormholes - Who and What?

Who are the current wormhole corporations out there that are still flying WH space? Any active these days still? Looking for more PVP focused groups with either a NS static or C5 static (or C5 home). Also prefer an established corporation as well. US-TZ.

this would be better in the recruitment channel, which you can move your topic there

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With Both covid-19 and the evictions done in 2019 in a lot of C5, there are still a few C5 PvP US corporation but most of them now have a c5 static rather than living in them.

C5 is back at being the “krabbing and medium-big groups PvP only”

If you are looking for a small WH PvP US EAST corporation, Holy hunters lives in a c4 c3/c4 which gives plenty of ISK ( C4s are now good at it) while we focus on PvP.

Here is a discord invitation.Holy Hunters

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