No Vacancies has Vacancies

No Vacancies is a PvP wormhole corporation currently residing in a C2 with C5 static and null sec static. If you enjoy small to large wormhole PvP, roaming, and an ambitious community of players then you’re in the right place.

What does NoVac have to offer?

  • PVP Content in wormholes, nullsec and lowsec
  • Teamspeak, Discord, & self-hosted Pathfinder
    Like This
  • SRP and fleet provided ships
  • Semi-Business, tight-knit community who enjoy minimal of drama
  • EU/US TZ

Minimum requirements for members to start trial:

  • Precursor Destroyer V, T2 Small Precursor Guns, Cruisers to IV
  • Good scanning supports skills
  • Pvp Experience and a reasonably active killboard
  • Good support skills

Long term you’re shooting for T2 Trig cruisers/T2 Logi

Bonus if you have:

  • FC experience or unique skills
  • A highly recommended Combat/Scanning alt:
    • Good: Scanner/Sabre/roller
    • Better: Separate doctrine capable character

Additional information:

  • We are not an alt corp, and you are required to apply with all your main characters.
  • Accounts in other corps are handled on a case by case basis.
  • We are not a bear corp. You must be able to fund your own PVP. Though we do have some ways we can help you out with this.
  • There are no mandatory OPs, but you are expected to maintain regular pvp and fleet activity.
  • Standards of conduct: No Racism/Sexism/Slurs/Biased Language. Banter & profanity is good all day long.
  • Our vetting process is extensive and may take several days.

Join our public channel “No Vacancies” if you have any other questions. You can also hit us up on our public Discord.

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