No Vacancies Has Vacancies in C5 space!

Greetings! We are looking for experienced pilots to join our ranks. No Vacancies is a PvP wormhole corporation currently residing in a C5 Pulsar with a C5 static. If you enjoy small to large wormhole PvP and a relaxed community of players then you’re in the right place!


Minimum requirements for members:


  • Be able to fly a Loki with Hams and ACs
  • Adequate support skills
  • Teamspeak 3 with Working Mic
  • Ability to scan effectively on main or alt
  • Pvp Experience
  • The ability to create content


Bonus if you have:


  • FC experience
  • Multiple T3 cruisers, Logistics 5, Command Ships 5
  • Capital skills
  • Useful alts (caps, sabres, scanners)
  • Motivation to plan ops


What does NVACA offer?


  • PVP Content!
  • Teamspeak and Slack
  • Self hosted pathfinder
  • Citadel access/storage including Sotiyo and Tatara foor indy needs
  • SRP, 50% for dps 100% for logi
  • Relaxed, tight-knit Corp members who will aid you in enjoying the vastness of W-Space
  • Great EU/US TZ with growing AU
  • Standards of conduct: No Racism/homophobia/transphobia/Sexism/Slurs. Banter & profanity is good all day long


Here is some additional information that you might wanna know about:


  • We are not an alt corp, and you are required to apply with all your main characters

  • Out-of-corp alts are handled on a case by case basis.

  • Some examples could be your out of corp hauler, scout, scanner, or station trader.

  • We are not a bear corp. You must be able to fund your own PVP. We have srp to help supplement pilots.

  • There are no mandatory OPs, but you are expected to maintain regular pvp and fleet activity. Extreme inactivity will result in a kick, but we will assist you returning assets to Hisec.

  • CTAs happen very rarely (expect a few a year maximum).

  • You don’t have to make any payments when joining this corp.


Come drop by our in game pub channel ‘No Vacancies’ and see if you would make a good fit. Check out our forums to apply:


All recruiter info will be in the channel.


Still looking for new recruits!

Looking for skilled pilots!

No Vacancies has Vacancies!

No Vacancies still have Vacancies!

Still looking for great pilots!

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Vacancies to fill!

Still looking!

Looking for skilled pilots

Novac has Vac

We have Vacancies!

Vacancies to be had

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Still looking for skilled pilots!

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