7mil SP miner, Exhumers 5 good support skills

Selling myself.


  • Good mining toon
  • Ice Harvesting 5
  • Exhumers 5
  • Gallente Industrial 5
  • 2 Bonus remaps
  • Short and good name
  • 50k unallocated SP

I will pay for the transfer, character has positive standings and is located a few jumps from Amarr.

Leave your offers here, i will sell it if im happy with the offer :slight_smile:

7b b/o ready right now

Thank you for the bid, if your bid is still the highest when i come home from work (~8 hours) its yours.

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8b b/o read right now

I am home in about 7 hours, i Will accept 8b when i come home.

You can send the accountname and isk if you want, and ill start the transfer when i am home.

Isk and account information sent .

Cool, i will reply here when i have started the transfer! Remember that i wont be home for another 4 hours:)

Started the transfer, thank you and enjoy!

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