80 mil SP toon - looking for any EST active pvp corp (WH/Low/High idc)

Where to start…

Not much of a ‘prolonged’ player, been mostly PVPing on all of my stints when I was active. I’ve been back for nearly ~2mo now, good grasp of the current meta now.

I’ve been mostly PVPing in lowsec on my other account, but I’m looking to place this toon somewhere else for the time being.

For my active PVP toon:

This toon has mostly all subcap skills + pvp skills trained to V, it’s been used as a hauling toon for the most part over the recent years. Can fly pretty much anything sub cap, and decently well:

A bit about me:
I know WH, null and lowsec mechanics pretty well. Not the best, but I know what I’m doing like 95% of the time.
I’ve lived in a C2/C3/C4 back when it was insanely profitable. I lived in the C2 solo dolo.
Not really interested in PVE, but will not pass up a good opportunity to do so if the situation arises.

What I’m looking for:
Looking to poke this toon into another corp for some additional content. I don’t want any leadership roles, don’t need access to anything, I’ll provide my own ships - I just want content. Ideally would like to have people who are looking for the same thing and are decent sized with a 10-20 person active core.


hey man, are you okay with null sec too? my alliance is small but effective, and we’re always looking to grow. We have awesome veterans, with people who have played the game for over 12 years, and have hundreds of SP in skill. Let me know if you seem interested.

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Come join me brother!! Your always welcome in Bounty contracting if your interested. I think you would get along great with our corp and we can get you lots of pew pew!!


Rex Azzholes

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Hi @Accomac,

I know we’ve spoken before, but sometimes it’s good to follow up. We’ve grown a bit. I’ve automated a few things. Life is good. Tonight, despite fighting an invading force that has been trying to push us from our home for months, we had a good fight that was a lot of fun.

Someone from our group even wrote up a little AAR.

As always, I hope you find a group that’s a good fit for you.


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Hey @Accomac

If you’re interested in lowsec and npc null pvp you should definitely check out our corp Filthy Peasants.

We are a primarily lowsec pvp corp that loves nothing more than to pvp and we’re active throughout both the EU and US timezones. Check out our forum post below and if you’re interested feel free to join our channel Open Filth in game to talk to a recruiter.

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Heyo - not very interested in null sec, I lived in provi for a while back in the day, not the biggest fan of null sec play. Thank you though! :slight_smile:

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Sorry for the hiatus - but looking for a corp more centric around roaming pvp in sub-caps.

From the sounds of it, you need more ground troops to come in and help fight your war, happy to lend a hand for free if you want to message me in game.

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I’ll hit you up in game once i’m home from work :slight_smile:

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Bruh. How about nullsec during blackout? Basically whs. Come check out Capsuleer Outfitters.
We are all over 25. Core group comes from military background. As long as you have thick skin and like to f around we are an awesome group of guys.
We have sov in Vale. Pvp fleets pretty much every night and systems to krab if you so choose.
IRL always comes first.

Check out our add and feel free too drop by out public channel or discord.

Look forward to seeing you!

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Bokbok @Accomac,

You should join us on discord sometime to chat about Fweddit, http://discord.fweddit.space/.

Fweddit is a member of the Free Range Chikuns alliance which is an independent poultry-loving group that specializes in blops drops, cap drops, and small gang fights. We operate mostly during the US and EU time zones. We’re looking for pilots to join and come blow up other people’s ships with us.

Join us in our discord so we can chat. Feel free to ping me (@Attack Penguin#0001) in Discord when you join if you want to chat. If I’m not around when you join you can ping any of the other recruiters by typing @Human Resources.

If you want to read more about Fweddit you can check out our ad on the EVE forums at Join Fweddit - Become a Space Chikun! [USTZ].

Hope to speak with you soon!


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You sound like a good fit for Total Mayhem. We are a training corp for Pandemic Legion who are our only blues. Shoot everything, small gang PVP style. We go to where the content is, no sov. If you’re interested, contact me or look us up in-game.

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