81 mil SP Aeon/links/covert/logi toon awesome alt


Awesome alt

  • no kill rights
  • sec -1.2 (can go anywhere in empire)
  • positive wallet
  • Has Aeon clone. Clone located in 0.0 just out of empire in NPC station. easy to get out. Would have done it myself but toon is in alpha state and cant fly covert ship.
  • I will pay transfer :slight_smile:

Starting bid 60 bil
Buyout 80 bil

60b offer

thanks for the offer but still for sale


Still for sale, 65 billion Dollarydoo’s :smiley:

bump :slight_smile:





:v: :parrot:

Will now accept a 60bil offer

60bil buyout

Ledy Offer accepted, apologies for delay in response. please send isk and account info for transfer. thanks mate

Sweet. I’ll have the isk sent as per discussed in mail along with the account info and provide a screenshot here when i do.

Isk and account name sent

Character received

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