87m SP returning player

Been out for a very long time now and looking to come back.

87m SP very much geared to maxing out the sub caps circa 2012.
Looking for small gang pvp corp that are happy to put up with a very rusty player.


Check our Federation of Freedom Fighters. We are a PvP first Corp that specializes in Small-Medium gang warfare, but offer all varieties of PvP.

We are part of the alliance Evictus which is part of the Legacy Coalition

War has just begun against the WinterCo coalition so fleets will be going out at all times of the day.

Contact me in game or on Discord if you want to talk more. Discord ID: Justin Starr STARR#8251

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Sounds like you’d be a great fit for us. Veteran group doing a ton of nanogang with t3 cruiser ganks, based out of wormholes.

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@ Korg Tronix Welcome back to the game

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Hey Korg I think we would be a good fit for each other why dont you check out our post and join FREAS.Public in game to ask additional questions

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We’d love to have you with our team here at Astrotech. We’ve trained those with little pvp skills and also brought back several returning players including myself. Our primary focus is on corp participation and roams. However, there are larger fun fleets available with the coalition.

Click to chat with us on Discord! or view our full ad here: Astrotech - PVP 0.0 corp is recruiting new contributing members

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I think DMSQD might be a really good fit for you. We’re mainly USTZ with a mix of a few good EUTZ dudes. We do a lot of small gang, blops, cap drops and WH dives. We’re mostly a group of tight knit dudes that have been playing on and off together for years.

We see ourselves as a best of both worlds since we do a lot of small gang roams and blops, but we’re also part of the imperium giving us access to the best logistics in the game, the safest place to make isk in the game and the largest null market. It allows us the freedom to PvP across the game with ease and make replacement isk easily. We have access to all PvP content times from big F1 fights, to smaller 30 man brawls to micro gang stuff.

Recent kills:

We get big kills often.

Check us out

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Hey dude,

Small gang warfare? Check out RDC. We’re based only a few jumps from Highsec in NPC Nullsec. Lots of PVP available. Come check us out.

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Rebels and Renegades is a EU/USTZ corp in Warped Intentions.

Rebels and Renegades is a pvp corp run by a group of like minded older players in eve. Our goals are to be a competent corp in small scale pvp, Blops, and Alliance/Coalition level fleets. We have multiple FCs in our corp / alliance / Coalition. Who will supply you with plenty of fleets. If you are well trained and interested in pvp, from small scale up to large scale, you will fit perfectly in. That being said, we all have a real life and we understand if you have one too.

We offer

  • 0.0 PvP

  • EU, US timezone

  • small, medium and large scale pvp

  • high skilled and experienced members.

  • we help each other with everything in the game

  • awesome logistic service for direct supply from Jita to our home space, from alliance services

  • Corp Discord and alliance Mumble.

What we expect:

  • at least 10m skillpoints

  • 0.0 and pvp experience is not a must, but nice to have

  • FAX and Dread alts is always good to have.

  • We expect our pilots to be able to follow instructions from the FC.

  • learning abilitiy (nobody is perfect)

We do not claim to be better than others, but we shoot much more than we lose, and we have fun while doing so.

Join our Discord if you are interested in talking with a recruiter Discord

Or check out our Website

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======Join Us======
Phocas Legacy
What we offer
==>Null sec PVP, PVE, Industry
==>Must be at least 18 years old
==>15 Mil SP minimum
==>Multiple toons
==>Must be active, on coms, and want to pvp
==>What we offer SRP, Corp buy back on ore
and salvage, experienced Fc’s, premium systems

Join PH.L Pub ingame For recruitment

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If you are USTZ Troll Legion would be happy to have you. We’re in Skeleton Crew Alliance in Pure Blind having fun doing small gang stuff and need more hands to help us take sov!

Fun time fighting Goons:

Fun times fighting the Russians:

Small gang relaxed but disciplined PVP allaince. Come chat with us in Trolling Grounds if interested in either our corp or an EU group in the alliance!

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I realised I probably wasnt too helpful in my first post.

I am EUTz and spent the majority of my time when I last played in Low Sec as a Frig Pirate (although I may have sat on a gate or two in Null)

Relatively new parent so need people who are happy for me to not be around for a few days etc


Hey we are Phocas Legacy. Apart of Fraternity. We are a tight knit group that loves PVP. We do everything from small gang to Cap warfare. Dank memes will be provided. Join PH.L Pub if interested

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Hey there, I have sent you in-game mail with more information

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Hey korg,

Come check us out! we are a small gang pvp corp, inside a small gang pvp alliance based out of curse nullsec looking to grow our pvp base with more dudes like you! we are mostly made up of bittervets and rusty players who are coming back, and we would be very excited to see you join us

feel free to hop on discord for a chat!

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Any interest in wormhole space? Many of us are parents too so we know how that works… very much a RL first, no drama attitude to playing EVE but we have goals and ambitions too.

Reach out if it interests you all. If not, I wish you all the best!

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Congrats on the new baby. As long are you contribute and take part when you can we’d be happy to have you. Very mature group here that put’s RL as a priority.

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Recruiting self motivated players that are 18 years old or older. We have good all around members with all Time Zones represented. Come on out to nullsec with us.

What we offer:

Regular PvP Content
Capital PvP
Safe Sov Null for Ratting/Mining
FC Training
Corp & Alliance SRP incl. Capital Ships
Free Skillbook Program
Our Requirements:

Full API on file while a member of the Corp
Ability to use Discord and Mumble
Have a good attitude and be a team player
Have a dedicated PvP character
You must have fun and enjoy playing the game
Recruiting status: Open (Omega Only)

CEO - Ryac Sampaio
XO - Ellise Solette
Recruiters - tweettweet5603(EU), Ellise Solette (US) blankbling (US / AU)


come chat with us!

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Thanks for all the messages, I will reach out to a few of you in game

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DanJev United is looking for old/new members. we are a HS corp that neighbors LS that we do roams in with small PvP fleets. We do a little of everything out in our home of space. If you have any questions for me please let me know.

Tari’elle Sheridan

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