💢 Eternal Darkness. - Null-sec Corp Recruiting

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:sparkles: History

Eternal Darkness formed back in 2012 from the humble beginnings of a few friends with common interests. The Corp slowly grew in size, enough to be accepted into Alliances and since then we have been supporting the Major Alliances and Coalitions of the game.

We are a very close knit team that work together to assist the members and players of the Corp achieve their in-game goals and ambitions. We are experienced in PVP, industy and logistic; meaning we have the knowledge and infrastructure to help you succeed and meet your goals. We are predominately EUTZ (UK & Europe) with a contingency of AUTZ players.

:rocket: Corp Objectives

  • Develop our pilots abilities with access to various content
  • Aim and encourage our pilots to fly Supers/Titans
  • Access to production for those that are also Industrial minded
  • Support the needs of our pilots
  • Create a fun environment with no drama

:bulb: What We Offer

  • Friendly and Active Corporation
  • Socially Active on comms
  • Bountyful PVP opportunities and a place to make an income to support players
  • Free Logistics to/from Highsec

:man_astronaut: Requirements

  • Character(s) must be Omega Status
  • Must have adequate SP for PVP and must train towards all doctrine ships
  • Participation in PvP - Corp and the Alliance Level
  • Must have a working headset
  • Discord and Mumble
  • Must have active killboard activity
  • Full SSO Registration for Security Checks

:dart: Highlights

  • Capital Warfare
  • Small/large scale PVP - from Small roams, BLOP’s OP’s
  • Daily PVP in one form or another
  • Being involved of Eve’s Major conflicts
  • Target rich environment

:star2: Recent Activity


:clapper: Videos

:loudspeaker: Contact Us

Want to chat or ask questions?

We can be found in our in-game public channel “Eternal_Darkness.”
Join our Discord Pub Channel:

150mil UK veteran looking for PVP corp
Casual Player Seeks Active UK PVP corp
Returning Player 60M+ SP Cap ect ect
41 mil sp tengu pilot looking null sec corp
13.5m sp pilot looking for corp
18m looking for null sec corp EUTZ with a bit of pve
20mil SP looking for a friendly corp
48 M sp Combat newbie lf Home
Returning player 75 mil sp wants pvp
Coming Back after hiatus.....LF a home
Old 3 account player looking to return
Coming back to eve
Returning 20mil SP Pilot looking for corporation to get back into the game with
Seeking for a test corp friendly with 3 years disconnected player
Looking for a null sec home
Returning After 4 years - Looking for nullsec opportunities
Newer player w/ 50m sp Looking for close knit corp
169M SP Looking For New Home
21mil SP Loner Pilot looking for small/medium corp
Returning PvP Pilot! [60m SP] [USTZ]
Looking to joining a uk corp
Returning player seeking low/null sec corp
Returning player looking for 0.0 PVP - 64m sp
Returning player seeking corps
Looking for a small good-natured group in Null
100m sp pilot and alts looking for pvp home
Casual Vet Looking for Corp
170m sp returning player looking for a crew
Old vet returning / looking for active Pvp corp EU timezone
Returning old (EU) player looking for 0.0
Returning 55M SP player looking for new home
2 x toons over 100 mil sp looking for eutz wh corp/alliance
Veteran player gone for years looking for home
20 mil + SP looking for friendly corp and advice on getting into pvp
Help me Decide my next move
Returning experienced player
Home found thanks for the offers
87m SP returning player
Found corp, ty for everyone who contacted me
Veterans looking for a new home (found a home!)
90m SP looking for nullsec community
100mill+ SP, Looking for a new Home
40mill Combat and 20mill miner Looking for a Null home
146mil sp 04'er pilot looking for Nullsec home
Returning player 45 mill sp looking for a new home, EUTZ. Omega clone
88 Mill SP toon looking for a home
New player looking for EUTZ pvp corp
Returning player looking for corp!
158 million SP toon + 114 million SP alt looking for new corporation
Look again for a corp to join
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Discord is always open if you want to drop by.

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I did drop in but I did not get an answer… I’ll drop by tomorrow :wink:

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Still looking for Pilots.

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Sorry your message was missed. Feel free to message anytime.

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Still Recruiting.

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“All right, people, what are you waiting for? Breakfast in bed? Another glorious day in the corps! A day in the Corps is like a day on the farm. Every meal’s a banquet! Every paycheck a fortune! Every formation a parade! I love the corps!”

I couldn’t resist this classic film quote.
Still Recruiting.

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Another weekend dawns. Still recruiting. Drop into our Discord channel.

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Still recruiting. Drop by our Discord channel if interested or have any questions :question:

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Still recruiting. :recycle:

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Still recruiting. :recycle:

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Ping for the weekend. Still recruiting. :recycle:

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It’s the weekend again. :beers:

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Still recruiting. :recycle:

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Still recruiting. :recycle: