146mil sp 04'er pilot looking for Nullsec home

Hello Capsulers!

Thank you all for the huge interest!

I got what i was looking for and no more looking for a corp.

Cheers and have fun!


Brittas empire is a uk based Corp living in detorid. We have a strong pew pew pvp going for us, as well as ratting/mining. We hold sov through our allaince “LORDE” we also fly under winter co.
We are a good group of players, who enjoy logging on because of the group we are. We know RL comes first, lots of us are family people. But we offer all aspects of eve.
Come join https://discord.gg/tZacyWu say hi, chat some more and get to know us


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Convo me in game please

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@ DustBroS

Find us on


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Howdy @DustBroS,

I’ve just read your post and I think that The Republic might be just the corporation you’re looking for! Please see our advert here.

If you’ve got any questions and/or would like to join, please drop by our Discord server (all pertinent information is in our advert).

All the best,

LeVa MagloN
Republic of Us

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Hey there!

Krypted Gaming is looking for respectable, social pilots to join us on our space adventures. We are a community focused on quality over quantity and look for pilots with great attitudes towards the game and fellow players.

We live in the nullsec region of Insmother and are proud members of Triumvirate.

We are looking for players who are,

  • Active. 82% of our players are active daily.
  • Combat focused. Blowing up ships is a part of our daily routine.
  • Eager to improve, learn, and grow as a player.

Our playstyle involves,

Outside of EVE Online, we have multiple game branches (Rust, WoW) to blow off steam, and numerous IRL meetups in the UK and US.

Learn a bit more about us at our website, or check out our killboard.

Want to chat? Drop by our Discord!

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Check out Federation of Freedom Fighters.

This is a quick list of what we offer:

Small Gang PvP
Access to Nullsec (Immensea region)
Corp/Alliance SRP
FCs in all Time Zones
Industry back bone to fuel PvP habits
Part of Evictus alliance

If you want to learn more you can contact me in game or join the in game channel F-OFF NOW to speak to a recruiter.

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Would love to speak to you about joining F-OFF. Please let me know if you would be interested.


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Hey, I represent a corp in The Initiative. which is a pvp based alliance within the imperium, we have a fun close knit corp atmosphere and blow ships up as a corp almost daily. We don’t care about elite killboard stats and often lose stupid ■■■■ but at least we have fun doing it. Being in the imperium we have access to delve to krab in so you won’t have to worry about making money at all. We don’t have any mandatory PvP but we do like people to try to PVP when their real life lets them. We do focus on being competent PVPers as a corp and our end goal is to be able to call a corp op to achieve an objective and be able to fight with a tighter knit group that can defeat a fleet larger than ours using superior tactics. We have people in corp who build just about anything we need to try to create a completely self sustained corp that doesn’t have to rely on the alliance for ships and content, but still participates actively with them. Check us out if you think we might be a good home for you Hole Punchers Null Sec corp in The Initiative seeking all pilot

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o/ @DustBroS

The Riot Formation is currently recruiting!

We currently seek EU PVP Pilots!!

We are members of a sov holding alliance and seek EU and US pilots that share our vision of small gang destruction, social interaction and general space-based shenanigans.

The core of this fine corporation is ready to swell both our PvP and industrial pilot numbers. The leaders of RIOT are veterans of the game, we started in 2003/2004 so we know what we are doing, we are a mature corporation that avoids excessive drama, only accept adults into our ranks. Our play hours with the alliance are around the clock but we accept RL comes first. We run regular evening corp OPs and small gang roams.

Highlights include:-

  • Members of Darkness, a nullsec sov alliance in the content rich north
  • Comprehensive ship replacement programme (SRP)
  • Entirely self sufficient - we mine, build, destroy, transport, fund and exist with no outside assistance.
  • We share our alliance’s vision and do like dropping caps on people, we like big-ass fights
  • Small gang specialists, we like small roams as well
  • In-house development of doctrines and tactics, available for all to get involved with
  • Low tru-sec and plenty of opportunities for indy pilots
  • Drunken comms singing as standard
  • Maybe some cake. Depends on the FC.
  • Over 21’s policy, no kids or space-babies
  • Partner/Family friendly playtimes - free wife-faction resistance plating for all members
  • Teamspeak, sweet website, Discord, stuff
  • Experienced leadership, directors having flown with major players for 14 years
  • Token Australian

In return:-

  • Be sensibly active
  • We are primarily a PvP corp, you must have the stones to fight
  • Use our comms
  • Turn up for stuff
  • Practice your favourite song for the affor mentioned drunken comms singing
  • Be able to read, listen and comprehend English
  • Have 2 million skillpoints

So if you fancy a bit of all that, you can come and see us in our in-game public channel, The Kings Head or you can speak direct to @Altrexis_Rin .
We have our own in-game public chat channel called The Kings Head so please join us in there.

We are also right here on discord https://discord.gg/auTztw6 come speak to us right now if you like!

Look forward to talking to you soon!

Alt o7


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We got fun times for ya especially if you have high home agro. Alliance is mostly your tz. If you haven’t found a home yet, send me a message in game.

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Come join us in Delve!

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Tired of long wait times for explosions?

Want to make isk but tired of being the only one on comms?

Want to collect tears from all sources?

Cruiser Crew is recruiting!!! We live in nullsec but tend to pew in any sec for content purposes… If you like having fun and having tons of content. Join our discord and be provided with more information about us:

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