169M SP Looking For New Home

I am a mature player currently looking for a decent corp, either in HS, LS or Null, lived in all so nothing is new to me.

I am not looking for drama or endless CTA’s but don’t mind helping to defend should the need arise.

All my skills are sub capital apart from the Naglfar which I can fiy and fit reasonably well.

This may sound strange but here are my needs and if they can be fulfilled I may get in touch after doing my homework on said corp.

  1. Mature Corp with no drama
  2. Preferably EU based as I myself live in the UK
  3. Can use comms but due to children constantly around can only listen (unless late at night)
  4. I am prepared to give a full API minus my wallet transactions (I have a lot of trade secrets and wish them to remain mine)
  5. Am self-sufficient and do not need anything.
  6. I have been around a long time and I am not interested in attempts to be scammed (this includes sponsorship etc - you know who I mean)


I have run my own corps and also an alliance in the past so am fully aware of what is required, just bored of flying alone.

If you can offer me a home then please mail me with details, I will not respond to replies in the forum, such responses imply you have not fully read this post.

Edit : I also may be open to joining an alliance with my current corp which may be a better solution in the long term.

Thanks for reading.

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I failed at reading.

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have a look at this ad see what you think about lowsec pew

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You idiots can’t read can you

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contact me ingame tonight


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Hey @Reileen_Kawahara ! Yeah you! I’m talking to you! How are you doing today? What was your day like? I hope you give me the chance to talk to you about these very important matters.

Hi, my name is Arima Yuki.

And I am the current Alliance Recruitment Director for the alliance, known as Exxitium.

Exxitium is an industry-focused alliance with assets located in HS and in LS. We are currently looking for both players and corporations alike. Here are the quick details on the kind of players we’re looking for:

  • Low-Sec Miners/PVPers Are Preferred ATM - We’re looking for the gutsy, distrusting, high-risk, high-reward tall-short dwarf who isn’t afraid to go out into our LS territory and mine all that shiny moon-goo. You are self-aware, you have D-SCAN up, and are weary of the average turdball dropping a t3 cruiser on you. No neut in-system is below your attention. Every threat is a threat. And if given the chance, you’d gladly scratch another killmark into that billion ISK Tengu of yours.

  • Team-Oriented Player - When you join Exxitium, you join more than just a corporation affiliated with the alliance, you join a single team. Each of us in Exxitium is dedicated to doing our part by doing what we do best for the betterment of the alliance. Teamwork makes the dream work as an old co-worker would put it. That being said…

  • Independent BAMF When At Play - Now, when I say “BAMF” I mean you’ve got a Bad Aptitude for Making things Fun. If you want to know what I actually mean, please feel free to join our public channel in-game, or feel free to come join us here: Official Exxitium Discord and last but not least…

  • Casual Players Are Invited To Share In The Fudgery That Happens Almost Daily - I really shouldn’t need to explain this one to you. That being said, EVE is not your wife. EVE shouldn’t supplant your wife (Yes, you, I’m talking to you, Kholarian). And if it is, congratulations on your divorce (or second wife, either or really).

Sound good to you? Sound too good to be true? Why don’t you give me the chance to prove it? Feel free to reach out to me in-game. Or come chat with me in our Discord linked above.

I have a EU corporation that I’d love to put you in. Whatever your need is, Exxitium can in all likelihood, fulfill it. Trust me; this is me talking as a player, not as a recruiter. Come to our Discord and allow me to help you figure out if we are what you’re looking for.

Thank you! And as we say in Bishop Industries, fly safe! And fly with honor!

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If their recruiters can’t read I’m afraid of what the rest of their members are like.

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Whilst I really appreciate the replies, I have stated to send an in game mail as I rarely visit the forums due to travelling with work. I will respond to all above in due course but please message me in game for future replies.


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scamming with fake Sponsorships, never knew that is a thing in EVE, do you have a good story to tell?

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Hey, i can see you’re just like our players, they have over 10 years of experience, they are calm and like to chit chat, we do not use discord currently because no one feels the need. Give us a chance and say Hi on TREX in-game chat :slight_smile:

Here is my post about our corporation, don’t mind me, i’m a new guy, but i know you will feel comfortable with us

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I am still open to offers.

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Hi Relleen

We’re EU corporation with experience in all areas of PvP and PvE. We specialise in Abyssal sites and Triglavian Lore. Sinister. is at the forefront of Triglavian based activities including but not limited to abyssal sites and Triglavian Invasions.

If you are interested in our corporation get in contact with one of our recruitment officers or drop into our discord

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you have mail

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Still open for offers for the next few days at which point I will read and respond to all mails.

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Daily Bump…

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what timezone? Drop the Soap is recruiting USTZ guys, let me know if that interests you. we are in NSH

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As the post states.

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kk, sorry for that